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Harmonic 313 - Dirtbox
Added: Nov 13, 2019 4:28 PM      Views: 54
Mad that this sound was 10! Yrs ago.

This is from 'When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence'. The cover looks like the 'Dillinger' computer from Tron (1982). Maybe the English drum & bass DJ, record producer and entrepreneur... called 'Dillinja' took the name. d:)

Harmonic 313 is a solo off-shoot of Mark Pritchard's Harmonic 33 project with Dave Brinkworth, focusing on "Detroit-Style" Hip-Hop. (313 is the area code for Detroit, and Eminem uses it in '8 Mile').

He's dabbled in many genre's, including: Breakbeat, House, Hip-Hop, Techno, Jungle, Ambient, Grime and Drum & Bass... to name a few. He's an English Electronic Musician, resident in Australia and currently signed to Warp Records. He's also signed with Hyperdub, Planet Mu, Big Dada, Sonar Kollektiv and Deep Medi Musik... to name a few.

Also, Deep Medi Musik is a British Original Dubstep label founded in 2006 by artist Mala (part of Digital Mystikz - Mala, Coki & Loefah - pioneering founders of Dubstep known as DMZ). The label describes the common theme between releases as "music you can feel".
By th3elusive1 | Nov 13, 2019 5:01 PM