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Jun 14, 2015 1:45 PM Omantheskater posted a comment to Spacedave - Ok, I was playing a match of Cod 4, minding my own business. When this user named Girl_gamer called me out saying I had "aim" Which I assume is lingo for aimbot. I had promptly told her and the others that started to take her side that I was in fact not using aimbot and was playing normally like everyone else. I guess she accused me because i was getting a lot of double and triple kills, Not my fault people were lined up and stacked up near eachother. They Then decided to call in an admin. I was sitting there waiting because I surely thought the admin would be smart enough to know what an aimbot is, but no I was very mistaken. The admin comes in, at this point im telling everyone go ahead and watch me play tell me if you see me headshotting everyone instantly without getting killed, because that is what an aimbot does. Some other guy had been watching and told everyone I wasnt using aimbot. The admin was telling me to" Turn it off, im using a switch, etc." I kept saying i am not aimbotting im just playing like everyone else why am i Being targeted. He wouldnt believe then reponded with " Giant youre a lier I am banning you" And he then (temp) banned me and i havent been able to get on since. This is a few days ago, but this is still uncalled for. This concerns me with the other staff this community harbors. Are they all this thick? Do you hire children? Have they ever actually experienced what a true hacker is? Because if swifty actually knew what an aimbotter does that I would've never been banned that day. Please get back to me and take this post into consideration on maybe at least training your staff list a little more in the world of hacking and cheating. I really enjoy playing on these servers and they're the only servers i really play on. Thanks for taking the time to read my post - Giantspaceballs  
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