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KOLOBOK | PVP | MOD | TRADE | BANK - DayZ Server in Russian Federation
Welcome to the KOLOBOK server.

We played on different servers and created a better world according to our estimates. Your own data center. Optimal set of mods. Timely technical support. Permanent online players (according to statistics - we always have someone playing).

- High FPS.
- Low latency.
- Restart every 3 hours.
- Adequate administration.
- Optimized the alternation of day and night.
- Optimized spawn and the balance of the game.
- Global chat.

- Trade + Bank.
- 3 custom trader zones.
- The list of products (with the description of attachments) is sorted and translated into Russian.
- Wandering Black trader and Fisherman.

- Talking NPCs and re-voiced nature.
- Increased loot (rich zombies).
- Only proven transport.
- Advanced fishing (17 new fish species).
- Profitable hunting and gardening.
- Alcatraz toxic zone.
- Custom military zones.
- Unique anti-RAID system (you can not, but if you really want to...).
- Regular events.
- RP component.​​​​​​


Thanks: FIDOv, philipp, Oppahansi
By kolobok2 | Jul 02, 2020 3:26 AM