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few days ago I tried logging in and keeps getting kicked, and I thought that I was banned. not sure why because I've never break any rules, maybe because I am using public IP? my my name is fazagantenk. It would be great if I could be unbanned.
By fzdeltaaa | Sep 12, 2020 7:32 AM
Hello, I´ve been banned from the aX server the 28th of august at 22:20-22:40, BOCAGE. My profile is LARRY. I put 2 mines at the bridge (like a couple of team mates did ) and a two person vehicle sees them and tries to slowly drive near them anyway. And that´s it, those two and a soldier nearby died from the explosion and I was banned for good. Also my girlfriend (FRODO_ALEJANDRA in game) is banned couse we play with the same connection, and I assure you that we play EVERYDAY.
Sorry for the inconvenience, i promise to never use mines again if necessary but please unban us...
By larry_nick | Aug 28, 2020 10:35 PM
By paradigmperspective | Aug 07, 2020 9:56 PM
Helló! Battlefield 1942 Szerver Ip: GO GO D :)
By besthunhu | Jul 22, 2020 11:15 AM
good night friends, game or b for a long time, and i realized that the server is kind of abandoned, and that there are a lot of people who don't respect the rules and have been disrupting the battle cowardly, people from the same team shooting at you, taking tanks and destroying your plane and so on, I would like to learn to kikar, these worms ,. Can someone help me?
By binladenpqd | Jul 05, 2020 9:11 PM
good afternoon i have a problem i took a ban don nothing, it's been four days since i've been able to play bf 42, which i think is unfair because there are people who put mines on allied airstrips and they blow up their own team planes and they do not take ban, agr has players who do nothing wrong and take a ban, please remove this ban my nick is INFANTE
By infanteguarana | Jun 24, 2020 5:19 PM
Good afternoon four days ago I took Ban on the voice server now because I don’t know, I was just on the server and out of nowhere I took a ban, and I didn’t do anything, I see people killing their own companions to catch a plane or a tank and they do not take ban there are people with me who do nothing and take a ban this is unfair, if you can remove this ban from me i will be grateful my nickname on bf 1942 is INFANT have a great week.
By infanteguarana | Jun 24, 2020 5:12 PM
Was I banned? If so, why? Doogie
By doogie155 | Jun 11, 2020 12:52 PM
I was banned because today I tried to connect and expelled me before playing the server. Maybe I did something wrong before. Brother, everyone of us will make mistakes. It's not the best at the beginning. Why can't you forgive me? I believe you and I will meet each other in the battlefield soon. Good night, man.
By jack-london | May 24, 2020 7:47 PM
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By paradigmperspective | May 15, 2020 12:28 PM
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