- Instant Cloud Server Deployment
Combat Surf By Septa - FastDL - NoSpread - WS - 1H Maps - V8 - - Counter Strike Global Offensive Server in Germany
Surf Combat By Septa
- V8 -
- New -
-Fixed Awp HitReg(Finally managed to put the old awp hitreg with the new plugins)
- When Its Team Vs Team -
T - Will Glow Red
CT - Will Glow Blue

Bug Fix
Will Nominate on time when there is 10min left on map consistently
- Replay will show on time and wont lag your game

- Cleaned some dead scripts and demos
-Demos will start sonner

Thanks For Playing on my server <3
Eli AKA Rxelik
By rxelik | Oct 13, 2019 8:38 AM
Version 5.0

- New -
-Added DuckFix For Greatriver and xDream
-Added New HitMark Sound And Indicator
-Added New Damage Indicator And More Accurate
-Added New Push And Trigger Fix
-Changed Boost Behavior for less RNG Speed
-Added Speed Unlocker For Smoother Speed And Acceleration
-Added Flood Protection Vs Spammers

- Bug Fix -
-Fix When Ramp Throw you Up And Not Forword
-Fixed Wrong Damage Indicator
-Fixed Random Crash Beacuse DHooks
-Fixed Awp Value for better Compatibility with DHooks and Dmg Mode
-Fixed When Whitelist Dosnt Work


Nothing New Here, for now works fine.

Thanks For The Support!

Eli AKA Rxelik

By rxelik | Jul 21, 2019 5:39 AM
- SeptaIL -
- FFA Nospread -


- Worked 2 month only for Performance and Hit Rag And its one of the best
- Server has Custom Boost Trigger For Max Boost Value and Smoothness
- Has Gathers With Whitelist for 10v10 or 8v8 once or twice a week to see who is the best!!
- Clan Wars
- Nova Tweeked to fight Against the awp
- Maps Has smooth ramps by using the Hammer and Ski_2 cant be locked
- WS And Gloves
- Spectate List
- Replay AKA Kill Cam
- All The Weapons Disabled Except the AWP, Nova And all Pistols

By rxelik | Jun 18, 2019 12:26 PM