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Counter-Strike Condition Zero Smokinguns Hideout - Counter-Strike Condition Zero Server in United States
Hello, I’ve been playing on the smoking guns hideout server for a decent amount of time and usually go by “shank named epictetus” or “shank named descartes”. Anyways I was playing earlier today probably near 10-11 pm est on the plain de_westwood map, not the big or snowy version but the regular one. Well, I was on the CT team and I threw a grenade into the second half of the Ye Olde Bombsite building where T’s sometimes pass by and blew up I think their name is JT Spoon. So I blow that guy up and I’m sitting crouched directly across from the doorway right in front of the fence next to the hotel building, I think to myself what if that guy was not alone so I send two shots through the wall just for good measure. Then another guy pops up in my view in the doorway so I shoot and kill him too, his name was blueberry haze or something. Well, right after I kill that guy I get kicked and banned with prior warning, written or verbal. This is just me assuming from off the top of my head, but if I were to guess why it would be that someone thought I was wall hacking. Fortunately, I do not wall hack or participate in any kind of hacking or any kind of map exploitation. Honestly, check my stats and look at my accuracy I do not hack at all. The only thing I’m guilty of is employing the strategy of “pre-firing” and “walling”, seriously since when has it been a bannable offense for sinking two bullets into a wall at random and it just so happened that there was somebody behind that wall this time. I would wish that the same admin who banned me could see all the missed shots that I put through walls when I play that game. There was no time limit on my ban, all it says is you have been kicked and banned when I try to join the server. I hope this goes without saying, but, I would definitely hope to be unbanned and would like to play on the server again because it’s the only server I will play on. I really like the people and the community, and I have been playing in this server on and off for years since I was a kid it’s a really fun time for me to blow off steam in your server. Hope this has reached you well, “shank named epictetus” or “shank named descartes” are my usual nicknames in the game. My steam account is “haribocronfmeat”
By shank_named_x | Mar 27, 2024 5:06 AM
I would like to know just for the record if it's merely a temporary ban for 24 hours, a week or if it's permanent and if so the reason why. I believe I deserve at least that given that I have always practiced fair play and have never cheated on this server or any other. Thanks.

By g3n0 | Feb 10, 2024 6:14 PM

So I've been playing on this server for awhile now and have been in compliance with all of the rules and regulations regarding owning, taking the fun out of the game, c-hop/b-hop being toxic etc. I was at the top of the map for a couple maps in a row but then came what I perceived as an entirely random occurrence clear out of the blue.

It happened while playing de_plaka which as a side note is one of my favorite maps of all time. I happened to get lucky and kill a guy carrying an m249 with the Rambo mode from RTD. Off this alone I was stoked because usually I die in one hit if the opposing team gets any of the superhero rolls from RTD.

So I end up trading the m249 to Beav for an AK-47 when he he kind of half-heartedly joked asking me for it but I didn't want what could be considered an unfair advantage so early in the rounds.

I do recall a round where I was the last man standing at the courtyard bombsite. I walked into the bombsite after checking underneath the awnings which are common camp spots and the ladder room which leads to the balcony. I next checked the balcony from the right side of the bombsite if you approach from T spawn and happened to catch Brain Splatter off guard!

Next few rounds I actually got wrecked by Dav and we had some great exchanges about how I inspired him to be better and laughed about how he killed half my team with around 2 hp. It went on like this for a couple rounds until I started to mount a comeback.

Once again I was the last man standing approaching the courtyard bombsite. I checked the perimeter the same as I did before walking to the right side of the bombsite and I actually expected Brain Splatter to be in or around the ladder room. Lo and behold I look up and he is in almost the exact same spot I found him a few rounds prior I see him, I hesitate thinking maybe we should knife it out.. then I shoot HEADSHOT! INSTANT BAN!

At this point I am feeling the adrenaline coursing through me from the previous fire fight and am both in shock and disbelief because I had not been just owning map after map. I should mention that exact area Brain was hiding is my absolute favorite spot to provide over watch for the courtyard bombsite on de_plaka and as a result I always check it whether I am T or CT.

So to sum it up I was banned for what I can only fathom as suspicion of cheating but anyone who was watching me in spectator mode would see that I was thorough in checking all angles of the bombsite for both of the aforementioned rounds. I feel it's only fair to record a demo of my gameplay before implementing an unwarranted ban in my honest opinion.

Thanks for your time, have a great weekend guys!

By g3n0 | Feb 10, 2024 6:12 AM
Very fun server, admins are garbage except for brains splatter, some players are stup1d as h3ll but ok, repetitive maps all the time
By hellomoto | Oct 14, 2023 11:15 PM
Hi Flatearth. please give us your STEAM ID # too
By jez_dew_it | Oct 06, 2022 2:31 AM
Flatearth9, Checking to see who banned you and why. So far it seems like it might have been a mistake. A decision will be made soon.
By timecoput | Oct 05, 2022 11:20 PM
Smokingun i see you are online, please help. i have played for 6 years on your server with 0 issues. Until last night when i was banned for no reason with no warning. Spartanos kept making fart noises the entire day whhen i would die. Or laugh. SO its obvious he didnt like me. Nut i did nothing wrong.
By flatearth9 | Oct 05, 2022 3:54 PM
i was banned at 1 am on Oct 5, by whom i believe to be spartanos... however i do not know. I believe he didnt like my name however i recieved no warning and my name is withing guidlines. it was earth is flat JESUS is real. i was banned. for no reason, no warning.... spartanos or brain splatter. smoking gun please help!!!! steam name EARTHBOUND AND DOWN .
By flatearth9 | Oct 05, 2022 1:26 AM
By flatearth9 | Oct 05, 2022 1:24 AM
Hi there

my name is k thx byeeeee

I have just been permanently banned from this server for having a very good score on westwood. I have played on this server for years and I know the rules not to have a good score map after map. I was actually really proud of my westwood score I was doing so well (this is very unlike me to have such a good score, hence why I was so happy). Knowing the rules of this server I didnt think this would be a problem because the rules are not to be top map after map. The map before my score was 2 kills and 8 deaths....

I am unsure why I was permanently banned with no warning whatsoever, especially because I am not always at the top of maps and I make sure of this by only buying pistols each round and only using guns I found on the floor.

I am loyal to this server and really enjoy playing here, please re-consider your banning decision.

k thx byeeeee
By kthxbyeeeee | Nov 29, 2021 7:31 PM
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