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HogSquad for Halo Race Evolved - Halo Server in United States
Hey Hey Halo...
Welcome Fellow Racer !

Welcome to HogSquad for Halo Race Evolved !

The goal of HogSquad for Halo Race Evolved is to create a fun Race Server that is fast n' furious.

In the Race Evolved games, there are lots of the latest mods and toys to keep things fun and at a fast pace. The Race line-up includes Chaingun Hog Races, Rocket Hog Races, Mixed Hog Races and Mixed Vehicle Races, also run is the very fast n' furious Anarchy and Radical Races. Self-defense on foot is allowed, against other players and loaded Hogs here, but no slaying. This rule is also strongly enforced by the Server (it has AI), if you abuse it, you'll be punished by the Server.

In Racing I like my Races to be somewhat realistic. With that in mind team kill is set for heavy weapons only. With that spirit of realism in mind, I also do employ penalties for TK's and Suicides.


My self defense on foot rules are pretty straight forward, if you are in imminent danger you may defend yourself but, no slaying! Also, there is no open season on loaded Hogs at map starts, no attacking or defending at start until you're in a moving Hog. People that are here to race usually find a way to quickly get in a hog and race. Those people get preferential treatment here. Slayers and Team betrayers are quickly dealt with. You shouldn't get naded at map start. There are extra hogs to ensure that everyone should he able to get a hog if they want one..

I want you to have fun and a good time in my Server. My Admins and I are very understanding and easy going too, but expect that all will be held to a higher standard than other servers. Just be nice ! Remember in my Race Server you must be playing the game by getting to the next nav/flag as quickly as possible. Things like not actively Racing or practicing stunts are counter productive and not fair to your team. You are expected to follow the rules at all times.

One of the goals of my Server is to attract good players and keep those who do follow the rules and to quickly discharge the rule breakers. My Admins and I do recognize regulars even under an alias name. If we find you breaking rules, we do accept apologies, often infractions are unintended, like you didn't see the other hog there. Regulars do get preferential treatment here! But if you keep repeating the same offence, you will not be tolerated either.

Although I do not have a language ban in my Server, there will be no name-calling, talking to others in an offensive manner, or otherwise any offensive behavior. In my HogSquad for Halo Server I do employ ChatFilter Scripting to politely warn you against offensive language.

Most of the rules are straight forward and pretty easy to follow, for this Server.
You will see many of the same rules here as listed in my Server's Guides.
Camping can have different meanings to different people. So here is the rule about camping: Camping is defined as sitting and waiting in a hog, on foot, etc. for the intent of killing another player. If your life isn't in danger on a Race map you should be driving. If you have to stop to shoot to save your life this isn't considered camping.

Most of the rules are pretty easy to follow, but camping can have different meanings to other people.

So I encourage you to read the full detailed rules below.

Remain respectful around Administrators and other Guests. Be Nice !
Good Racing to you. If you have any questions please contact me personally.
Most of all, have fun!


Ponyboy XFire: hsponyboy

Full Rules @

Full Rules and your gamer score @


1. Language

1.1. We don't have a language ban here, but we don't tolerate offensive language.
This means if you use language to offend someone, you're breaking the rule.
Don't use language in a way that could be considered offensive. Generally speaking, we don't allow words or phrases that most people would consider to be offensive, please humor us!
1.2. Offensive language includes racist words or remarks, words offensive to generally recognized religions.
1.3. Most importantly, each Administrator makes the call on what words or phrases are considered offensive. The words may be personally offensive to the Administrator, or he or she may just be enforcing the rules to the standards as laid out here. You will see a small amount of inconsistency from one Administrator to the next. That's why we give warnings for all but the most offensive language!
1.4. Use of ALL CAPS (all uppercase letters) is reserved for Administrators.
1.5. Disrupting in-game (or team or vehicle) chat (for example by scrolling it quickly) is not allowed.
1.8. All of the language rules apply to your player name. If an Admin asks you to change your name, you may do that by leaving the game and selecting the Profile item from the main game menu.
1.9. Do not use the names of terrorist or hate organizations in your player name.
1.10. Only English should be used in our servers. This is so that we can enforce language and behavior rules.

2. Behavior

2.1. We encourage good sportsmanship on our Server. Play nice! Show respect to all players, including your hosts.
2.2. We welcome all levels of players. Do not insult players for their lack of ability.
2.3. Do not crouch over a corpse. This is considered insulting behavior, and is grounds for an instant ban.
2.4. We generally appreciate it when a player respectfully points out when others are breaking the rules.
2.5. Please understand that we have to witness an infraction before acting on it. That's our policy, even with players who we know and respect and have raced with for months or years.
2.6. Admins will often, and sometimes without warning, stop racing to investigate rule breaking. Also, if someone is breaking rules while in a hog and we need to find out their name, we will need to flip that hog so that their name becomes visible. We will do this even if they are on our own team

3. Automation and hacks

3.1. Only HogSquad Admins can use macros to post rules, warnings, and HogSquad information. (Macro programs allow text to be keyed in automatically).
3.2. Any use of software or hacks to modify standard Halo game play is not allowed. Note: Administrators will, from time-to-time, use a "fly cam" program to observe player behavior. It does not benefit, nor would it be used to benefit, the administrator's score.
3.3. Use of glitches is disallowed. A glitch is a bug in Halo that may allow you to achieve something that is obviously not part of the design. For example, a glitch might allow a player to rapidly move from one part of the map to another.

4. Supporting your team

4.1. Do not throw a grenade or launch a rocket at your own team members or at an empty hog near your team members, unless an enemy is even closer to that hog. For example, you may not use a grenade or rocket to:
•Get a teammate's attention.
•Attempt to get yourself a position in a hog.
•Get back at a teammate for breaking a rule. Instead, let an administrator know of the infraction.
4.2. It might happen that you accidentally grenade or rocket your own team. However, if an admin believes that it was intentional, the rule will still come into play.
Tip: It helps your case if you text a quick "sorry" to your teammate, and provide a quick non-argumentative explanation if asked.
4.3. You may fire a non-explosive weapon at a teammate to get his or her attention, for example, to request a ride. A brief burst or shot is preferred for this purpose. Remember that firing a long burst (two seconds or more) at your teammate can temporarily blind him or her.
4.4. Do not insist on taking a particular role in a vehicle. If there is only one hog remaining and one or two positions are already occupied, you must take an unoccupied position.
Tip: You may then wait for a safe moment to use vehicle chat (H) to respectfully ask if a player wants to switch, but do not debate with your teammate. He or she was there first.
4.5. Similarly, if a hog flips, and the hog is not under attack, the players who were in the hog should attempt to return to the hog in the same positions they were in.

5. Race: General

5.1. Keep racing at all times, progressing to your next flag, except where specified otherwise in the Race rules.
5.2. If you are on foot and there is an empty hog available, you must race with it, unless a friendly hog is waiting or approaching to pick you up.
5.3. You may not exit a hog anywhere to race on foot, even if you are unable to drive part of the route. A key example is up the ramp to the second flag (first cliff) of Sidewinder.
Tip: Learn to drive the ramp! Make sure your starting approach is in line with the first leg of the ramp. Now try full speed, slightly cutting the corner (it's OK if one wheel is off the ramp). Slow for the bridge. Still having problems? Try it very slow. Keep trying until a teammate's hog comes by, then get in and observe his or her technique!
5.4. If there is a hog available do not chase after another hog that is no longer visible. •On Sidewinder while on foot, do not follow an enemy hog into base when there are hogs available outside the base.
•On Gephyrophobia while on foot, do not follow an enemy hog into base or to the lower level when there are hogs available outside the base.
5.5. When there are no hogs available, you must race on foot. However, once you arrive at the next base, you must check for hogs before proceeding on foot. •On Sidewinder, if you cannot find a hog at a base, you may proceed through the teleporters to the other base and back to the first base before checking again for a spawned hog.
•On Danger Canyon, if you spawn at a base with no hogs you may proceed on foot through the tunnels and exit at the place that has your next flag. You may only exit the tunnels at the exit that is closest to your next flag (except where you need to briefly exit and re-enter to proceed to your flag). If your next flag is in the middle, you may proceed there and jump or teleport down to get your flag. Also, you may not nade or fire up at vehicles passing over the flag (see rule 6.5).
While in the tunnels you may pick up a rocket launcher only if it is en route to your next flag. However, you may not fire down from above or while jumping down (see rule 6.3).
•On Ice Fields, when you respawn you may use the teleporter to proceed to your next flag only if there are no hogs at base. The only exception is if you were in a hog in the lower middle area and were killed. In that case, upon respawning you may proceed through a teleporter to retrieve your hog, even if there are hogs at base.
•On Infinity, you may go back and forth to either side of the large structure at red base to check for hogs until one appears (or until a team mate picks you up, or you are able to hijack an enemy hog). You may also do the same at the back of the large structure, using team chat ("Y") to ask for pickup. Don't wait in the near vicinity of the flag—that is camping.
5.6. You must race directly and continuously through the flags even if you are on foot. The one exception to this rule is the "Last Lap Defense" rule.
5.7. You may not use the bridges on Infinity.
5.8. You may purposefully commit suicide, but only if your next flag is at the other base. However, keep in mind that this is rarely your best strategy.
5.9. You may stop to pick up a gunner or passenger, and in fact are encouraged to do so as it will often help your team score.
5.10. You are allowed to change your route to avoid getting killed. •In Danger Canyon you may drive through the tunnels to get to your next flag.

6. Race: Camping

Camping is not allowed. Camping is loosely defined as stopping in a race, even for a brief time, to get kills.
In general, camping benefits the other team. This is because a camper rarely prevents as many laps as he could have attained by racing. In addition, our members and most of our guests want to focus on racing first, and find camping disruptive to that goal.
6.1. You may not wait for opponents to come along so that you may attack them.
6.2. You may temporarily hide to keep from getting killed, but you may not attack until you are back en route.
6.3. While on foot you may not fire or grenade down while on, or jumping or falling from, a bridge, cliff, ledge, platform, or boulder. For example, on Sidewinder, if you have taken a teleporter to one of the cliff flags, you may only attempt to jack a hog on the cliff, and may not fire down below. And, of course, you may not wait for that hog to hijack it—see rule 6.16.
6.4. However, you may fire or grenade down a slope, such as on the main course of Danger Canyon, as long as you are not breaking any of the camping rules. You may also fire or grenade down from the bases on Danger Canyon because the base is part of the course and does not present an unreasonable advantage to a player on foot.
6.5. You may not fire or nade up from between the ramps in Danger Canyon while on foot. (Associated post)
6.6. You may not use a sniper rifle. We cannot remove sniper rifles from our maps without unintended side effects (such as removing pistols, or adding fuel rod guns).

Attacking from a Hog

Breaking any of the rules in this section is known as "hog camping".
6.7. You may fire from the gunner's turret, or fire or grenade from the passenger seat, only if your hog is not breaking any of the camping rules. This means that the hog must be racing or picking up a passenger, and not chasing a kill. In this context, "racing" means:
•Proceeding toward the next flag, or
•Driving to avoid being killed, while positioning to be able to resume proceeding toward the next flag.
6.8. If your driver is picking up a passenger, and waits more than a moment for pickup, you may not fire until the hog is moving again, unless you are firing in self-defense.
6.9. Similarly, if the driver or passenger jumps out to grab health, you may not fire until the hog is moving again, unless you are firing in self-defense.
6.10. Do not board or stay in the gunner's turret of a driverless hog unless a teammate is nearby and you believe that teammate is about to enter the driver's seat. If you don't have a driver, you must drive yourself! (Also see rule 4.4). Specifically, don't remain in the gunner's turret of a driverless hog for longer than three seconds.
6.11. Conversely, do not leave your post as gunner or passenger on a racing hog so that you may go on foot to attack or defend. The only reasons for a gunner or passenger to leave a racing hog are (1) to race in another hog, typically because it has a better weapon, or (2) to proceed to a different flag.
Note: Although we allow this practice, we do not encourage it, as it is normally better for your team to stay "2 to a hog" even if you are temporarily "out of rotation" with your driver.
6.12. Don't gun from the back of a driverless hog, except when you are under attack. Even then, you may only empty your rocket magazine, or shoot with a machine gun for no longer than three seconds, after which you must exit the gunner's turret.
Note: Being "under attack" means someone is actually firing at you, or throwing grenades at you, not that you think they might be doing so in the near future.

Hijacking a Hog

6.13. If on foot towards your next flag, or having just spawned, you may hijack, or "jack", a hog by flipping it or killing its occupants. You MUST then take the hog, unless you are still under attack. Once you are no longer under attack, you must then take the closest hog, if any are still nearby. •On Sidewinder, if you blast a hog off the cliff, and the occupants have died, you must go down to get the hog to drive. If any of the former occupants are alive, you have the option to continue trying to hijack the hog (but be sure not to fire or throw grenades until you are at hog level).
•On Ice Fields, if you blast a hog off the bridge, you do not need to get the hog to drive, as your chances of getting the hog without dying are very low.
6.14. You may not jump out of a hog to hijack another, even if you are in the passenger seat. However, you may get out to take an uncontested hog.
6.15. You may attack an enemy player to keep them from getting into a hog. Although we allow this, we discourage it if the enemy is not a threat and there is another hog available for you to race in.
6.16. You can't stop to wait to jack a hog unless the hog is in sight, and a few seconds away. In other words, don't stop to wait for a hog to hijack.
6.17. You may not "nade spam" an area in hopes that a hog will drive along and be blown up. Your grenades should be aimed to hit a known target
6.18. Once you have begun to attempt to hijack a hog, you may run after it to continue attacking until you either succeed or no longer have a chance of hijacking it.

7. Defending Yourself

7.1. You may attack an enemy player when they are attacking you or you believe you are in imminent danger.
7.2. If you are driving a gunner less hog, you may only exit your vehicle to defend if: •Your hog has been stuck with a plasma grenade.
•An enemy chain hog is shooting you, or an enemy rocket hog with a gunner is following or approaching you. In either case the enemy has to be close enough to be doing damage to you and you would be able to throw a nade on them with a reasonable throw (they should be on your radar scope).
•If you are under threat by a chain hog with gunner, but they are not currently attacking you, you may not exit the driver's seat to defend yourself. Instead you may drive evasively or even drive somewhere they won't see you and allow them to pass you by to remove the threat.
7.3. However, if you are driving the map backward in a last lap defense, you may not exit your hog for any reason.
7.4. If driving solo in a hog, you may stop to pick up a rocket launcher only if it is en route to your next flag. You may not stop to pick up a rocket launcher if there are two or more in the hog.

8. Race: Chase Killing

8.1. Don't veer out of your path (which, as covered elsewhere, should be to your next flag) to run over an opponent. This is called chase killing.
8.2. You may, however, run over an opponent if they pose an immediate threat. For example, if you are solo in a hog, and an enemy is about to get into, or is in, the gunner's turret of a hog, you may swerve to kill him or knock him out of the hog.
8.3. Do not stop or slow your hog, or otherwise delay your hog's progress, including by spinning, for the purpose of allowing your gunner to fire at an opponent.
8.4. You may choose a route that maximizes your chance of killing the opponent, as long as the route can reasonably be considered as progressing to your next flag. For example, if a lone hog on the bottom level of Gephyrophobia uses the tunnel to red base to proceed to the top level, a hog with gunner may also go in that direction, so long as they need the lap flag next. (Associated post)

9. Race: Last Lap Defense

9.1. On the last lap, you may turn and drive backward to defend. You are considered to be on your last lap when your teammates ahead of you can win the race by scoring and you therefore wouldn't be able to get another lap by continuing, assuming your teammates ahead of you all score.
The most common scenario in which this happens is that you have six players on your team, two in your hog, and you have just scored the 11th (or greater) point.
Let's do the math. You need 15 to win. Assume there are two of you in the hog and six players on your team. If your team score is 11 or higher after you score, then the four players on your team who are not in your hog would likely score before you, bringing your score to 15 for the win. You may use the last lap defense.
But what if you bring the score up to 12 and another hog on your team has already turned to defend? At that point there are only two of your teammates ahead of you to score, so you or your hog-mate must score to win the game. So you must proceed through your flags to try to score to help your team win.
What if you have three people in your hog and score the 11th point? You can't turn because there are only three people ahead of you in the rotation, meaning someone in your hog will need to score the 15th point.
Sound overly complicated? Then don't use it, or only use it in the 6-2-11 scenario (six players on team, two in your hog, and you just scored 11 or higher).
9.2. Once you have turned to defend, you must travel backward (opposite of the normal route) until you reach the vicinity of the previous base (usually red base), and then travel from base vicinity to base vicinity until the race is over. The vicinity is defined as within a few hog lengths of the base. If you miss a hog that you are trying to kill, you may not turn to go after them, nor may you slow or stop to give your gunner another chance to kill them. •On Gephyrophobia you may travel backwards (clockwise, as viewed from above) on the top level, without dropping to the lower level.
•On Blood Gulch, Sidewinder and Ice Fields: you may travel base to base without passing through flags.
•On Timberland, Danger Canyon and Infinity: you must pass through all flag areas as you travel backward.
•On Death Island you must pass through all flag areas as you travel backward, except the small jump below the big jump.
9.3. You may not use the last lap defense on foot. If on foot, you must proceed through your flags in rotation until you can get in a hog

10. Camping: Hijacking a hog

10.1. If you blast a hog off the cliff on Sidewinder, you may only proceed down to get the hog if all its former occupants have died. [6.13]
10.2. (a) You may not attack another player or hog if there are as many, or more, hogs in the vicinity as there are players. You must first check to see if there are other hogs in the area before attacking. This rule is to avoid "nade fests", particularly at initial spawn but also throughout the game.
(b) You may, however, attack a hog having a gunner or a passenger, if they could be an immediate threat to you getting into your own hog.
(c) You may only attack at map start if you are in a moving loaded hog or you're on foot and are defending yourself against attack from a loaded hog - you've been fired upon first

Defending yourself

10.3. You may only throw one grenade at a time. Your prior grenade must have exploded before throwing another one. This is true at any point, not just while you are defending yourself. Note: This rule is enforced if there is an obvious violation or a pattern of borderline violations. [7.1]
10.4. You may not jump out of a gunner less hog to defend unless an enemy hog is firing at you. [7.2]

11. Chase Killing

11.1. (a) In Blood Gulch, if a driver of a 2 or 3 person hog driving to blue base chooses to drive around to the right of the hill near 1st cliff, it must only be for defensive purposes. This means the gunner and passenger may not attack any enemies once the driver begins to drive around the hill and until the hog is completely clear of the cliff.
(b) At start of map on SideWinder, hogs must proceed direct to the first flag. Once the hogs have cleared all ice approaching first flag, they may then veer for defense. [8.4]

12. Administration

12.1 Administrators are here to inform players of the rules and will also from time to time assist players in learning the game. Admins have the capability to kick or ban players from the game, if necessary, to enforce the rules.
•HogSquad Admins will sometimes play undercover, if they believe that there may be players on a server who purposefully break rules when Admins are not present.
•We get occasional impostors in our servers, who use existing HogSquad member names. There are a number of things that can tip you off to impostors: Flagrant rule breaking is one of them, bad behavior is another.
12.2 Typically the type of player who is purposefully an impostor is not the kind of person who finds it easy to pretend to follow the principles of teamwork and respect. They are usually easy to spot. However, if you see an apparent HogSquad Admin appear to occasionally break the rules, keep in mind that you may not fully understand the rules, or know the situation that caused the behavior you observed. For example, we may have to nade our own team's hog to find out who is driving it, if they have broken a rule. Also, we're human. We sometimes will mistakenly break a rule.

Your rights

You have the right to briefly ask for clarification of rules in-game. However, I ask that you not debate the merits of my rules in-game. You may seek further clarifications to my rules at for Halo Race Evolved

Or you may send an inquiry to my email address :

If you feel you have been unjustly singled out for breaking rules, please don't take it personally. Admins do sometimes make mistakes. Appearances can be deceiving--feel free to briefly explain if what you were doing was different than how it was perceived.

The rules that I broadcast in-game are shorthand. That's probably why you have come here--to understand the rules in full--and if so I appreciate that!

Finally, you have the right not to play on my Server. If you find that my rules are too restrictive, I will not be offended if you don't play on my Server.

How you can help

I ask that you not "punish" rule breakers. If you see someone breaking a rule, feel free to let an Admin know, in a neutral way. For example, "SniperKing is camping at red base" is much preferred over "SniperKing you Noob I pwn u stop camping u jerk".

Also, don't feel that you have to report every infraction. We don't want you to have to sacrifice your racing time.

If an Admin is not visibly available in the server, feel free to contact one by any of the following methods:
•Find an Admin on another server.
•If you know someone's XFire, Use it.... This is the best way;.
Ponyboy's XFire: hsponyboy

The warning system

Administrators can kick or ban players. Admins generally give warnings before kicking, and again before banning. When a server is "out of control", Admins will sometimes give a blanket warning, then proceed straight to kicking players without further warning.

Also, Admins reserve the right to kick or even ban without any warning at all. This will occur for players who have a "history" on my Server and others, and will also occur if the offence is considered, well, offensive enough. Examples include, but are not limited to, sexually explicit or racist language.

A kick involves removing a player from the server. The player can then return to the server immediately if there is room. A player can ask why they were kicked, if they are unsure (see "Your rights").

A ban can be temporary or permanent. A permanent Ban involves barring a player from the server until such time as We remove the ban. Each ban is recorded in a ban report only visible to Admins. The ban report provides some detail on the behavior that led up to the ban. Bans can be, and often are, overturned by requesting to be unbanned on at our email address.

Bans are based on the key of the Halo CD, so changing a Profile name will not allow a player to get around a ban. You are responsible for anyone using your Halo CD, regardless of how it was misused—"my brother / son / dad / mom / uncle / dog / cat did it" is the most common excuse that we see for misbehavior.

Admins usually don't point out when they have kicked a player--you will just see that player has quit. However, on an "out of control" Server, Admins will point out when people are kicked as a courtesy to our rule-abiding guests, so that they know the Admin are trying their best to clean up the server

Remain respectful around Administrators and other Guests. Be Nice !

Good Racing to you. If you have any questions please contact me personally.
Most of all, have fun!


Ponyboy XFire: hsponyboy

Full Rules @

Full Rules and your gamer score @

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