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Quake 3 ^-!@#$Crazy Quake%+&* @ - Quake 3 Server in Netherlands
By ngpickup | Today 11:37 AM
benny_b It was an accident. My apologies. The ban wasn't meant for you but for RELOADER as he tries to get this server banned from gametracker. My sincere apologies.
By ngpickup | Today 11:37 AM
OK, i really enjoy this server. Hope you guys get it all worked out.
By benny_b | Today 11:31 AM
hmn, I changed the settings so RELOADERS clones can't join anymore. Shame LAN parties can't join anymore either. Some kids just like to ruin the game for everybody.
By ngpickup | Today 11:18 AM
benny_b was my mistake. You are already unbanned. Having trouble with RELOADER and you got caught in the crossfire. Apologies.
By ngpickup | Today 11:15 AM
Why was I banned from this server?
By benny_b | Today 11:05 AM
Hey man. I was checking up on my old server. A guy named RELOADER is trying to get this server banned. He adds bots to the server and then files complaints to gametracker for statpadding.
By ngpickup | Today 10:59 AM
man you are crazy hemn what is this server man :D? you are special admin man and please accept me to be your friend.
By pro_gdi | Feb 05, 2022 12:12 PM
hi bro so i requested friend to you can accept it? and i really love your server :)
By pro_gdi | Feb 04, 2022 11:25 AM
Haha yeah im the admin. I am glad you like it :)
By hemn | Feb 03, 2022 1:34 PM