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DoubleTank *Versus 16 [] v1038 - Left 4 Dead Server in Russian Federation
I agree, russians think they play good and others are just that, others. I play as Targaryen and I endured with the kickings for so long but for owning them because they have no skill :)

I'm not a pro nor something like that but my skill is enough to make them all bit the dust and they did! They dropped blood for me and danced within the flames so I'm happy to teach them some lessons.

Fire & Blood.
By xjsousa | Sep 13, 2018 5:29 AM
Regulars clearly represent the toxic russian community of l4d.If you are not russian or friend of regulars then get ready to get kicked for no reason.

Might as well make this server password protected because these guys won't let play anyone except regulars and russians.
By Closed Account | Nov 08, 2017 11:01 AM