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When the world gets salty, it's up to the Salty Dogs to save it - Killing Floor 2 Server in United States
Updated once every 24 hours
bAllowInvites True
bAllowJoinInProgress True
bAllowJoinViaPresence True
bAllowJoinViaPresenceFriendsOnly False
bAntiCheatProtected True
bAvailableForTakeover False
bCloudServer False
bCustom False
bInProgress False
bIsDedicated False
bIsLanMatch False
bMutators False
bRequiresPassword True
bShouldAdvertise True
bUsesArbitration False
bUsesPresence True
bUsesStats True
CurrentWave 1
dedicated 108
difficulty 0
gameState OGS_Pending
game_description Killing Floor 2
game_directory kf2
mapname KF-BurningParis
MatchQuality 0.000000
MaxZedCount 100
Mode 0
NumOpenPrivateConnections 0
NumOpenPublicConnections 6
NumPrivateConnections 0
NumPublicConnections 6
NumSpectators 0
NumWaves 7
OS 119
OwningPlayerId 0
OwningPlayerName When the world gets salty, it's up to the Salty Dogs to save it
PingInMs 0
protocol_version 17
reply_format source
SecondsDeallocated 0
SecondsDeallocatedBucket 0
steamAppId 0
SteamEngineVersion 10897
suggested_bot_count 0
suggested_players 0
version 1081
ZedCount 10