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Balticum CSDM 1.6 (Global) - Counter Strike 1.6 Server in Lithuania
hello, im banned for nothing already 6 th day form my ip. cant get a point why ?!
By sabasaba31 | Yesterday 6:56 AM
By vattos-loccos | Jan 28, 2020 5:50 PM
Hola mi nombre es vattos-loccos y soy gay, siempre juego en este server y soy oreja de los admis, aprovecho para decir CHEMOO te amo, haceme tuya
By vattos-loccos | Jan 24, 2020 9:59 PM
Yeah i get ban with no reason :D never was that before :D
By fanatikas20 | Jan 11, 2020 6:04 AM
kaip nusipirkti admino statusa ,zaibal jau citeriai
By vaidia | Jan 11, 2020 6:01 AM
I always play on this server, but it makes me very angry to know that there can't be a quiet day without hackers like supergroot or Bolsonaro and many more that ruin the game, there are also impostors, do something lazy administrators!
By thenakedgun | Oct 07, 2019 6:56 PM
wtf.......i`ve just been kicked from the server for fastfire.....I HATE HACKERS so i`m not going to use them....why dose`nt admin ban the prolific hackers like SUPER GROOT who are spoiling the game for honest players.....come on if you want to be admin do the job properly
By gord69 | Apr 15, 2019 8:48 PM
server down for more than 24 hours. recover fast. trying to improve that's cool but go fast
By ayfif | Dec 23, 2018 8:03 AM
WTF HAS HAPPENED TO THE SERVER ???????????????????????
By gord69 | Dec 12, 2018 7:10 PM
what is admin doing over the hackers on this server? these idiots ruin good players game 1 example is GROOT who is constantly heating with aim & wall hack so come on ADMIN get off your arse and pull your finger out and get them banned
By gord69 | Nov 10, 2018 5:33 PM
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