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Unreal Tournament shadowfr69 MonsterHunt Nali Weapons 3 - Unreal Tournament Server in France
Updated once every 24 hours
AdminEMail Discord : shadowfr69#5480
AdminName <[MHA]>shadowfr69
BalanceTeams False
changelevels True
FriendlyFire 0%
gamemode openplaying
gamestyle Hardcore
gamever 469
goalteamscore 10
listenserver False
maptitle Dedicated to Dexie, Edwin and Dem
maxteams 1
minnetver 432
MinPlayers 0
mutators PlayerAnnouncer v1, NW3 - Nali Weapons 3, NW3 Extras - Monster Hunt, NW3 Extras - Modifiers, NW3 Ext
PlayersBalanceTeams False
timelimit 99
tournament False
wantworldlog false
worldlog false