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[HCI] Custom Coop - Vanilla, Xatrix, and Rogue. Votable maps! - Quake 2 Server in United States
Welcome to the HCI Custom Coop server!

Features include:

* Ability to play Vanilla, Rogue Mission Pack and Xatrix Mission Pack all from the same game session.
* Map, gamemode and skill level voting.
* Persistent inventory during respawn (i.e. you get to keep your goodies unless it's a gamemode switch or map change vote).
* Players drop a backpack when they leave the server.
* Shared key cards and other important inventory items.
* Checkpoints! Not all maps have them yet, but it is easy to add them.
* Spectator support.
* Any map message (i.e. "You need a red keycard to open this door") is broadcast to everybody as a hint where players are in the level.
* Unlocking doors, etc. also broadcast a message to everybody as a hint.
* Long uptime bugs in the original Quake 2 game DLL has been fixed.
* Based on time-tested, paranoia-checking, rock-solid stable Yamagi Q2 codebase.
* Respawn protection.
* Players start as SOLID_NOTs so they can pass through each other until the respawn protection expires. After that, if anyone is in the way they will gib. This is useful for bad custom maps that only have one player spawn, or the checkpoints if everyone happens to die at the same time.
* Death messages when enemies are killed.

Assets are downloaded automatically and HTTP downloading is supported. However, you can download the pak at and place it in your q2/coop directory.

Happy fragging!
By maraakate | Nov 27, 2016 10:40 AM