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[AU/NZ] Skitzy 3x | Solo Only | Wiped Today 21/09 - 7 Days to Die Server in Australia
Updated once every 24 hours
build 54709
dedicated 100
description_00 Welcome to Skitzy Solo Only\n- Hosted In Australia \n- Last Wipe 21\09\20 (Map Wipe) \n- Next Wipe 2
description_01 8\09\20 (Map Wipe) \n- Map Size: 3000\n- Server ip:\n- No Playing Admins No Abu
description_02 se.\n- Discord: (Lots Giveaways)\n\nModded Status:\n- 3x Gather\n- 3x Sme
description_03 lting\n- Level 1 BPs Unlocked\n- Fastnights\n- No Decay\n- No Radiation\n- No Cold\n- Alpha Loot\n-
description_04 Raid/Pvp Block\n- Leaderboards\n- Minicopters cost 750 Scrap at Bandit.\n\nRules:\n#1 Spamming chat,
description_05 being racist or advertising will result in either a mute, or ban depending on the duration, and typ
description_06 e of content.\n#2 If caught abusing game exploits, depending on severity will result in ban.\n#3 Rel
description_07 easing of personal information (Includes images set as display picture on Steam & Discord) of other
description_08 players (doxxing) regardless of where you obtained this information. Depending on severity of what i
description_09 s released this can result in being permanently banned. If you are lucky enough to not recieve a per
description_10 manent ban the first time, you will be permanently banned if caught again.\n#4 Impersonating server
description_11 or staff members will result in being banned, the duration of this is dependant on the type of conte
description_12 nt and intent by the person. \n#5 SOLO ONLY NO ALLIES NO TEAMING OR BAN\nCheck out https://discord.g
description_13 g/f6Qd96q our discord for more information and Donations!\n
ent_cnt 53797
fps 252
fps_avg 251.57
game_description Rust
game_directory rust
gc_cl 316
gc_mb 960
gMD The default Rust survival gamemode
gmn rust
gmt Rust: Survival Mode
hash 3392ea25
OS 119
protocol_version 17
pve False
reply_format source
steamAppId 0
suggested_bot_count 0
suggested_players 0
Uptime 76548
version 2256
worldseed 420011
WorldSize 3000