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well that's not so clear but yes I know I'm already on my way to deal with the situation. thanks for report
By adminless | Yesterday 9:16 AM
cheater was online last nite again (at around 11pm). his nick was bull <something> or similiar. he was high ping (like 120) so it seems to be the same guy again.
By fernandinho1337 | Yesterday 6:58 AM
np for the most part it's what we had talked in pm, I was just letting everybody know so people can get a better picture of the overall admin politic at the server. ps: yeah I've just answered your pm
By adminless | Aug 17, 2017 3:58 PM
long answer of you. thanks for all the input. i really appreciate it. i will give you some feedback. have you red my private message? thank u

best regards toni
By fernandinho1337 | Aug 17, 2017 1:58 PM
hey np add/replace a couple of basic maps fits to me into minor tweaks/fine adjustment to the rotation, so it seems ok.

yes dm14 seems ok, I personally think that it's some of the best maps in q3, in fact at the beginning it was actually on the rotation, problem is that is quite big actually and if the server is not really busy the game was really slow and after few games ended up being soo boring so that's why it got removed. well, now that finally this consolidated and grew up and there's some more people, I think that may be it can be a good time to give dm14 another chance and see if it works.

the other maps you mentioned (dm12 and dm15) I believe that they doesn't have the quality, I know from years of experience (almost a decade already) of running quake 3 servers that the right policy at map rotations is QUALITY OVER QUANTITY (by the way off topic this is even well proven by the fact that there has always been some notorious 1 map dedicated servers on ANY game not just q3, infamous insta on dm17, ra3map11 etc) so the idea is to have a balanced rotation, not too big, not too small and most important that ANY map really does it even if that means a shorter rotation and I think that none of those two would really work out. dm12 to be honest never haven been really that popular, it's HUGE map and I don't think that it really has that quality. dm15 in the other hand yes I know it has been played lot, but mostly in crazy MODDED q3 (I even know that from my own experience as admin haha) not (almost) vanilla q3 like this. and dm15 is just like a big version of dm9 that also was in the rotation and received mixed results and after some time people ended up HATING on hehe so no, I don't think I'll add anyone of those.

I also have some suggestions of my own as the guy who made the server in my opinion there's two maps who should be essential for mid (~10) and full server which are dm10 and dm11 respectively. I think that both are very good and in particular both should fit pretty well for this game. anyways dm10 was way in the rotation in the beginning and again as with dm9 people HATED (even more) on it. dm11 again I think it's great map for this and was also in the rotation but people was just WTF about it, most people didn't even know about the map.

so I think that the rotation is ok for small, mid full server, the big issue seems to be when it's full (which by now is "just" dm6, dm7, dm8 mostly). then dm10 I won't re-add again, I don't think is needed and I think that may be in the near future (next days or so) I may add some of the dm11 and dm14 and you let me know, if people hates on them or it's just not working I'll simply put the rotation back, not a big deal.

regarding other non standard maps and so, well, people just don't have them (yes of course I know that they always CAN but they most likely DON'T and most important they WON'T) so in this one I'll keep things stock which I think that it's important that the servers work for everybody. in the middle term (month/s) if so if there would really interest in a server like this with custom maps or other things I could deploy ANOTHER server instead but it would be a second server, maintenance, fixes, minor tweaks here and there this one will remain mostly as is which I think that it's a good thing.

btw now that I write about this also let you know that there's even already actually a forked server from this running even in this same box but with custom stuff (maps included, result "dead"), the OaFreeZe one, same ip but port 27971 instead of 27961 (or even just no port, default one, take you to UnFreeZe), may be in the mean time is of interest. it's actually set for some small 2vs2 up to 4vs4 games more or less. you can check the link bellow if someone is interested:

regarding the teams thing on other stuff, yeah, I know, that was on my list of to do things for the revision of the code I was doing early this year, unfortunately I was very ambitious and ended up getting lost in the details other projects. I actually already added some stuff like that on some of the other servers so well I guess I'll have no other option that to go back to that old thing I was working in hehe (I was going to anyways haha) and I hope that in the middle term (next month or so) I can come with some fixes. anyways, keep in mind that other than just some basic team balance (i.e. number of players) the best approach is always that people arrange the teams themselves (not trying to start a argument, just saying, I know that people already does) rather than just a algorithm (that doesn't really know you) that FORCES you into a team.

btw almost forgot to mention, callvote in the long run is evil for popular public servers like this one trust on that I know that very well from experience, with the time it just get blatantly abused/misused, so I won't enable it sorry. the policy here is quite straight forward, rather than call votes to work around issues simply fix them instead cause in the end if it wasn't for a issue (just "because" you know) then callvote in popular public servers like this one made no sense at all in the first place.

ok, nothing more by now, thanks for the feedback and suggestions

thanks for playing, have fun, see you and happy anniversary to the server too hahaha
By adminless | Aug 16, 2017 7:32 PM

i collected map suggestions from people on the server.

dm15 and dm14 as bigger maps
overkill as custom map

i would throw in overkill and dm12.

if you ever consider changing rotation, that would be potential choices.

people also asked for callvote map function and autoshuffling in case teams are inbalanced.

so if you ever change something about the server that would be potential choices. thanks for this nice server :-)
By fernandinho1337 | Aug 16, 2017 2:17 PM
hi adminless, i talked to some players on the server and you know we messaged about it. people asked for more maps:

major request: just more maps. doesnt really matter which ones.
people mentioned q3dm14 and q3dm15 (the latter one is/was used a lot in freeze apparently).

overkill was asked for and some people agreed to it (rocket arena map)

i would suggest dm12 (big map).

some people asked for callvote map function.

so if you happen to consider changing map rotation that would be some choices. please dont see this as "have to". you dont have to do anything. i just collected suggestions and myself i get a little bored with the same maps all over again. you already gave me arguments why the rotation is the way it is right now, so i dont want to challenge that. this is just an attempt of politely asking for mixing it up a bit one way or the other.

thanks in any way for providing such a nice server :-)

best regards, toni
By fernandinho1337 | Aug 16, 2017 2:16 PM
about the mentioned forum thing for the server I finally resolved that by now I'll simply keep it on this site, gametracker. at the moment it doesn't really fit on my site,, and I still don't really have a plan for my own site so I think it's better to keep it independent from it, at least by now. then I've just set a forum for this server here:

feel free to check it out and participate :D
By adminless | Dec 21, 2016 9:16 AM
eo everybody, thanks to all the people who play regularly at the server, finally just after three months since it started, this server ranks in the top 20 as of december 2016 in the Quake III Arena all around category, congrats people.

thanks to that, I confirm right now that the server will make it for a second season (1 year), hurrah :))

also, I'm sorry for not being able to be a everyday admin and well, being there you know (hence the adminLESS tag hehe) as much as I would like to, unfortunately I've got stuff to do and that's how this server is set, however you can make sure that I always try to somehow keep my eye on this and make sure that everything's working.

now, looking into the future, I finally got myself back a bit deeper into administration that what I had planned to hehe so beside the server(s), (un/oa)freeze, I finally got myself my own site,, then who knows, may be in the future I'll be looking forward into integrating this server into the adminless thing or just get a better host, we'll see where this go.

also let you know that on that site at you have a DIRECT way to contact me, so please free to report any problem, request or suggestion you have about the server or simply let me know what you think about it and I don't promise anything but, at least, I'll see if I can do something about it.

I also have some board space there so let me know if someone is interested in have a board site (a forum) for the server, if so I can set up one.

nothing more for now, as always thanks for playing and have fun :))
By adminless | Dec 19, 2016 5:17 PM
hey hi all again, just letting you know that the unfreeze client gamemod v1.0 is finally available to download, please check the main server page for download link.

check it out and let me know how it works, I believe it's a great addition and while it's totally optional I believe that if you're a just a casual at the server it's worth trying if you're a regular definitively a must have :D

check the included readme in the package for more info.

as always enjoy and have fun
By adminless | Aug 18, 2016 11:07 AM