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GameTracker ping UT server too often (10 times per seconds)
Jul 18, 2023 4:17 AM
Joined: Apr 04, 2022
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From my observation GT ping UT servers 10 times per seconds. Which is too often and not really need.

I recently start limit IPs which ask more then 2 times per seconds in a row. After that I start see how my server start goes to "offline" in GT.
Such easy explain - GT ping servers too often, and protection stop respond to that IP. So GT see server as offline.

UT process one server request per game tick. So if server use 10 ticks per seconds, GT pinger fully eat all server tick quota. So real players can get timeout, when query server.

I not see any reason why GT need update server status 10 times per seconds. 1 time per second look pretty enough for that.

Request to GT admins: reduce ping rate for UT servers.

Also I think this issue happen also with ut2004 servers as well, so will be good if admins check that too.