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UT99 Monster Hunt: Concerning behavior and enablement of abuse and possibly illegal activity on Barbie's Monsterhunt World
Feb 07, 2022 3:47 AM
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I will make a quick pretext on the situation, but the rest of it can be read in the body of the original post on said forum, which (not surprisingly) was not a good place to post it on, as it is owned by no one else than the person responsible and have caused evidence to be deleted by said individual.

As a long time (over a decade by now) player of UT99 Monster Hunt mod, I have recently (within last year) moved on to play on Barbie's Monster Hunt server, due to the lack of moderation and neglect of the dU server where I've been playing for years.
After my observation of how things are managed on Barbie's, I've come across some significant issues of the moderation of players, but recently this has escalated to the enablement of people to remain there who downright exploit the place to harass, abuse, and engage in what is almost clearly illegal activities.

Please read the body of the large message that I have now reposted here and on the dU forums in the exact form as I have posted it on the Barbie's server forum:
(post below)
Feb 07, 2022 4:49 AM
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(link to original forum and post, whether it'll remain there or not is unknown. The webpage has been cached:

Bad moderation, enabling of abusive players promoting misogyny and pedophilia, awful work by admins

Yes, I am finally on the forum, greetings everyone, I am sure you are all happy to see me

I apologize ahead for the long post, but things have become such that I must tell them here.
Generally otherwise I try to avoid long posts.

Now, let me begin with the pretext of the fact that I am not obsessed with UT nor am usually spending more time than I am willing on playing on the server, and when I am done I just do my daily life things, hence up until now I never bothered wasting time going to this forum or being involved with it more than casual playing, but the situation in the game has now become such that I feel obligated to do so.

People say that I complain a lot, and I do agree to some extent, but at least I am trying to be as constructive as possible with my complaints, with the goal being improving and bettering things, so here I go...

My main reason for the post here, is that I notice that while the server is not a bad place to play overall (many maps, frequent updates and new additions, overall fun gameplay if we exclude what follows in my post here), and while I dislike the disabling of scores, generally the time spent on the server can be alright.

The problem is a lack of proper moderation of players, especially ones who have been proven to behave in an abusive way, or have expressed very disturbing and concerning tendencies, even if that "did not break any rules".

As a person with some skills in managing groups of people, and I am not someone who just brags about it for show, please see screenshot below of two local pro freedom Telegram groups that I manage (being an avid Telegram user for about a decade now), one having 664 and the other 712 members, I do have experience in managing groups and spotting, addressing and dealing with problematic individuals, so when I was surprisingly given the L4 admin rights I thought it could be a good opportunity to put my skills to use in a community of a game that I enjoy.
(you are free to look up the SHTF group and contact me, as this is the public group!)

What we have had going on recently with the player named Gonzo, who was witnessed and logged to be showing behavior that should make him unwelcome in most groups, except the most perverted or even illegal ones, yet the existing admins and Barbie seem to be ok with letting such an individual remain a member here.
When I first met him, he was constantly harassing any player he thought was female, to the point that many felt uncomfortable, for example he would block, hump, and constantly message, even when the other players didn't show interest.
That would have been acceptable if he'd just stop, but he in fact was also discussing with me things that are the reason for my insisting on his permanent removal from this community, and to be specific, he would go online when I am there, and talk to me about things ranging from asking which players are female, whether I would like to see pictures of some, how women are not deserving respect, discussing going to prostitutes, talking about young and "tight" ones, and even offering me to buy pictures right after telling he got banned for getting pictures of underage girls.
I at the moment told him that this would be a great way to get banned from here, but as a fairly shocking discovery, Barbie the owner here doesn't think that this behavior is completely unnacceptable, worse yet Barbie thinks that it is "OK to ask for pictures" as long as they disagree.
The talk goes on how he was asking the player Gravity who is a teenager for pictures and she found out through someone that he was asking for nude photos of her, accusations that he did not even deny, only said that she "doesn't know the truth" and "there is no log".
Well guess what, I do have logs of him saying he was banned for getting pics of underage girls, and of him offering me to buy pictures.

These are the screenshots which refer to what I have written above:

The problem with this individual Gonzo, is that he then goes on and whines and complains about my so called "mistreatment" of him on here, and then Barbie decides that he "didn't break any rules", and is acting like everything is ok, and he can continue unhindered.

An individual doesn't have to break a rule to display outrageous and unacceptable behavior.
Would you be ok if a random stranger approached your teenage daughter and asked her for pics? maybe he doesn't break any laws, but in the real world people like that get a punch in the face and the entire community then hates them.
But barbie thinks that, and I quote "Well, he can ask".

This is where I SERIOUSLY disagree on the skills in moderation of people.
Enabling pedophilia and requesting pictures of udnerage girls is "OK"?
I do NOT find it to be ok, and if anyone who reads this does, then yes I have a problem with you.
In fact, this constitutes to enabling pedophilia and harassment, and if I can do anything about it, then I definitely will, and this will include kicking the player any time I even see them come in, as people like that are NOT welcome in any normal community.
Screenshots of my dialogue with Barbie are attached in the post below as I can't add them on here, but below you can find the other things this pedo pervert has been doing:

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Feb 07, 2022 4:50 AM
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I have told Barbie that I will not be using my surprisingly attained authority to remove Gonzo from the game, but I will now have to tell you all that I have changed my mind, and in fact in light of what this individual represents, as long as I have the ability, I will make sure he is gone from the game.
If others don't think this is the right thing to do, well then I personally do, and will be acting on that.
If such a situation was to arise in real life, this kind of individual would have been banned from a community, and in here I will be exercising the power to do so as long as I am able to. I insist on such people receiving a permanent ban, but if Barbie or other admins think that it is "ok" to keep such people around as long as they "didn't break any rules", then we are at a deep disagreement, and I am ashamed to even be around ones who think that it's ok to allow such people to be around.

To add to my observations regarding poor people management, we can add such an example as who many here may recognize as "jinx". After observing this player briefly, I have determined pretty clearly that we were dealing with a mentally unstable individual.
Yet, with him coming to the game for MONTHS and trolling, harassing, and making the community an unwelcome place for people, the only solution was to "just mute him"? Is this a real solution for a person that makes it unpleasant for everyone else to play?

What's going on here is the enablement of abusers to come to the server, and do as they wish. And without proper moderation, there will be more cases like this as some people are opportunists who are looking to abuse and exploit.
People in positions of an admin or a mod, and especially the owner of a server have to be aware of such issues and deal with them proactively, rather than letting them continue creating an unwelcoming environment for players.

We can also throw in an example of me trying to do my duties at keeping the game a pleasant place, and the player -=63=- comes along, I am being told immediately by others that he is a constant team shooter, I observe for 10+ minutes, watch him doing exactly that. and then ask him nicely to stop team shooting. After him not stopping, I ask again, and I receive mockery. After a few requests, I end up kicking said player.
What happens next? Barbie logs in and asks me to "use the mute function"....
What does that tell me, that either Barbie is trying to limit what I should be doing which I find to be reasonable (kicking for one match after constant team shooting), or if perhaps Barbie has no idea what is even going on, or perhaps Barbie thinking that muting is some kind of magic solution that will stop an abusive player from shooting his team members...

There were a few other incidents, where I would ask other admins to get involved, namely datsi and brooze, and they would take a very reluctant position of not wanting to get involved, and as datsi once told me, she doesn't do any moderation, and to go and ask someone else.
These are NOT the kind of practice someone in a position of an admin should do.
Administering requires skill, reasoning, and responsibility.

I was given the L4 admin position a few weeks ago, by total surprise in fact (I did not even ask for it), but now that I have it, I feel that I am being limited from performing my duties as I see to be reasonable.
If Barbie or other admins are finding it hard to engage in the duty of socially managing players, then I am gladly willing to help with that by providing my reasonable judgement and actions, all of which I can explain and provide a logical reason to.
As many here know me, I like fooling and joking around, talking nonsense, but when it comes to serious issues, believe me (and as perhaps you can see), I can be serious and make reasonable and justifiable judgement.

But, If the situation is going to be such that problematic people can't be dealt with, nor I will be allowed to take authority over players who are abusive, interfering, harassing and promoting misogyny and pedophilia, then I hereby am NO longer interested in being an admin, and in fact I will NOT have any respect to the other administrators nor Barbie the owner here, or anyone who thinks that dealing with problems the way they are currently being dealt with is "ok".

I look forward for any constructive commentary and criticism, feel welcome to post such, except if it comes from Gonzo, as I will not be responding nor paying attention to his comments, and if you are reading this here Gonzo, then I will remind you once again that YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE.

(Links to screenshots of my interaction with Barbie are following:)

There is a copy of this post on the dU forum, which can be found here:
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Feb 20, 2022 1:34 AM
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When I first joined Barbie's MH Server sometime last year, it was my first experience ever frequently playing on a server in Unreal. I've always preferred playing with bots, as I've never really enjoyed or been terribly good at Unreal in general. It was quite humbling to be welcomed into the community by the players, who in general share a sense of welcome camaraderie among each other and in general seemed like a well-fit community.

I gotta say, as an avid (now, predominantly former) player and frequenter of the Barbie MH Server which I thought so fondly of, it's incredibly disheartening the sheer level of negative juxtaposition amongst my internal perceptions of what I once thought was a decent, and positive community.

In other words, it's a shame all of this has come to light. I won't name names, and I won't accuse anyone of anything but the fact that such a community can so blatantly defend someone with such vehement pedophiliac tendencies is f*****g disgusting and a reminder you should be wary of what sort of rabbit holes you step into online, regardless of where the community stems from.

I've noticed these types of patterns emerge before, it's nothing new. When someone is guilty of something and has a guilty conscience, they will, by all means, defend someone else who is just as guilty because it lessens the blow of their own guilty conscience. It brings vivid pictures in my mind of these people I once thought I could trust and get to know more about in a f****d up way.

I've refused to play on Barbie MH for a long while now just based on general principle and just general, I guess you could call it pure disappointment. Not just disgust, hatred, but rather just a crying shame this all had to come into light, but I'm sure as hell glad I'm not associating with these weird cu**s any longer. It didn't ruin my love for UT however, it's just a reminder it's not acceptable to trust anyone you meet online anymore with the same level of confidence I regrettably had.