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/connect (always runs)

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not recommended for newbies.;)))

Address: //

Has TigerI, StugIII, Stukas dropping bombs, each vehicle/tank has own settings, realism effects, real sounds, hardcore game, new maps,and more....

Increased number of proyectiles and their range of action in the launching of artillery. Artillery available from the rank of Corporal.

Improved stability when shooting auto machine gun and focus snipers.

and more...

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widowmaker1972 wrote:
WarHogs is back online fast redirect enabled server.

Bot server thats fast action paced with bots that play like human players
come and drop in on us for a few rounds of what coduo was at the start.

We try to our best to hear what player enjoy the most drop us a message if you want a map added and if we have it we will add that map for you.

WarHogs is always looking for loyal members and daily players.

Enjoy playing on our server we will add more cool servers soon.

Our servers have been hacked as it was so good this one ex-clan member who was ban for hacking and could not stand see the server going up in the gametracker ranks. This just proves that it was right to life ban you as you are a full on hacker!. We have everything we now need to bring you to court. Thought you could hide behind your IP hider well you was very wrong as police have been watching your internet and my server IP the ISP is going to be there on the day with there data too they want your blood and we now have everything we need to see you in court,they have also all your voice data, this is the way you wanted it so this is what your going to get now. Your just to stupid you just could not leave things alone, you just had to mess with others gaming fun your no gamer your an idiot and a hacker!
Apr 02, 2016 9:26 PM
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i dont think any1 cares alan the last time sum1 posted on this thread was over a year before you did ! we didnt hack anything YOU publicly advertised your game server and voice server online for every1 to see. problem is when you make a teamspeak you need to change a few settings.when i had joined in and seen that i was an admin i thought obviously this idiot doesnt know what hes doing and made myself the main admin! thing is tho your so stupid you thought i had hacked your entire server! when it was just your teamspeak you couldnt get onto! i dont care about your gaming server rank i couldnt care about any of the games you play. i have no ip hider why do i need to hide my ip when im using my name?alan tindal is a grass
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