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Common TeamSpeak 3 Scanning Problems
Aug 10, 2010 12:58 PM
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This topic provides instructions on what you need to set in order for GameTracker to be able to query your server.

Solving permissions issues

Before you try to edit the permissions, open the Settings menu in the TS3 client and then select Options. Ensure that "Advanced permissions system" is checked.

Open the Permissions menu in the TS3 client and select Server Groups.

Select the Guest group in the left box. In the middle box, you need to add the appropriate permission for where you do not have permissions marked. Ensure the following have permissions:

Virtual Server -> Information -> View Virtual Server Info (or b_virtualserver_info_view)

Virtual Server -> Information -> View List of Clients online (or b_virtualserver_client_list)

Virtual Server -> Information -> View List of existing Channels (or b_virtualserver_channel_list)

Double click the one(s) you want to give permission to. Checkboxes will appear in that line, make sure the Value column is checked for that value. Then, close the window and see if GT can scan the server.

If you continue to have issues, try the following permissions:
permid=22 permname=b_virtualserver_select permdesc=Select a virtual server
permid=138 permname=i_channel_subscribe_power permdesc=Channel subscribe power
permid=150 permname=b_virtualserver_servergroup_list permdesc=List server groups
permid=153 permname=b_virtualserver_channelgroup_list permdesc=List channel groups

Whitelisting GameTracker

You may need to whitelist GameTracker as the GameTracker scanner may trigger the server's anti-flood mechanism. This should be found in your query_ip_whitelist.txt file.

Add the IPs from the following FAQ post (you should only add one per line):

Once added, you can either restart the server or what for it to auto-refresh the white list IP's.

GameTracker scanners showing up in server

Open your TeamSpeak 3 client and click the "Bookmarks" menu at the top of the client and choose "Manage Bookmarks." Select the server you want and in the bottom left corner, click "More." Uncheck the "Show ServerQuery Clients" checkbox.

Testing scanning permissions

The following procedure will allow you to test if your permissions are set. When testing, use a computer outside the server's network and do not use any additional commands to login as an admin.

You need a telnet client to run these commands. Windows has one built in, which you can access by Start -> Run... -> telnet. Windows telnet client may need to be enabled via Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Turn Windows Features on or Off and enable telnet client.

1. Open a telnet session. If it does not connect, your firewall is likely the culprit.


If through the windows telnet client: open IPADDRESS QUERYPORT

2. Select your server.

use port=JOINPORT

3. Test the permissions by running the following commands, in any order.


4. If all of your commands worked, your server can be added.

There is an issue if the server does not return "error id=0 msg=ok" or server information as a response. Your TS3 server may be lacking permissions. First, ensure that you are running the most recent version of the server. Next, check the permissions as specified at the top. Next, if it still does not work look up the permission id's mentioned to see what they indicate.


If you are still having issues with the scanning or you have a different error, search or post in our forums or visit
I am retired from GameTracker after 11 years and will not be responsive for support requests.

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