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Can't mod server manager files
Apr 10, 2016 8:04 AM
Joined: Apr 10, 2016
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Hey ! I'm french so sorry for bad english :/
First good tuto, but when i trie to change the health of the gate on Death Star maps, i can't find the health in the .lvl
Here are some screenshoots which can help you to understand clearly my problem.
My .lvl in my simple hex editor:

And now my .odf file that i opened in my mod tools folder (because your mediafire download link is dead):

So my problem is that i don't know how to find the health value written in the .odf file, in the .lvl file. SO i can't change it to my new value.
I hope despite the date of this tutoriel, someone can find a solution for me =)
Apr 19, 2016 3:53 PM
Joined: Feb 27, 2009
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Press F3 (find next) again until you see 2.0 and 9999999 under it (health and respawn times) Though respawn time maybe doesnt work. Health should work.
Jul 08, 2016 5:02 PM
Joined: Jul 08, 2016
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Just created an account to join this.

It's been my dream for years to merge Battlefront Extreme with the Conversion pack maps but I never understood how to extract .lvl files with the SWBF2 Mod Tools.

I've tried hex editing but always seemed to fail but with this guide ( ) I feel so close to it.
So I want to ask, where do I find this 8000.0 value for the rocket launcher? And is it possible to complete this without having .odf files, only .lvl ones?

If I don't manage to add the Extreme Era to the BF1 Maps from the Conversion pack, I'd like to at least add some punch to the rocket launcher (AoE) and decrease sniper damage to make head shots actually worth something. But I'm getting sidetracked...

Where do I have to look for this 8000.0 value exactly?

Please help me, I'm quite desperate. I dare say, Battlefront II is one of the hardest games I've ever modded and with the total lack of communities the quest seems impossible.