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Can't claim server
Apr 25, 2015 8:11 PM
Joined: Apr 17, 2015
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Hi, i bought a server about a week ago and Gametracker automatically made an account for it. When i made an account to claim my server, it said i had to wait a week to claim. So, i said, fine. I waited a week then tried again. just as i thought it would work, it came with an error message saying i had to temporarily change the server name to GameTrackerClaimServer, but how do i do that when i need to claim the server to change the name? Can you please help? Also, This is my server so please nobody claim it in the meantime. The link to the server is . Please try to fix it, i am excited to start posting info and advertising for my server.

Apr 25, 2015 9:45 PM
GAMETRACKER ADMIN Joined: Sep 27, 2006
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You do not do that on the server info page. You would need to use any methods your game server provider gave you to access the server when you started paying to rent it, such as FTP or a web based editor. Once you do that, you can adjust the name, then claim it on GT to be able to access the ability to manage the page's features.
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