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New [SC] Sabriests Code Player Stats
Mar 11, 2013 8:49 PM
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New and Exclusive to [SC]: Player Stats

We are proud to announce that our new server and web-based player stats project is now completed and is up and running. This has been a lengthy project led and developed by [SC]Heckler, with contributions from [SC]Camel and [SC]Snake. We are the only clan within our version of SOF2 to offer such stats (open to all players in our server, both clan and non-clan) and our version is probably the most comprehensive within all versions of SOF2. Despite SOF2 being a "classic" game, the [SC] Sabriests Code clan continues to innovate and offer newness to this game that we all enjoy.
We recommend that you take the time to read through the various stickies in this section:
They will give you a good understanding about the new stats, how they are structured and how they work. We will also sticky a question/help topic for any question or help subjects that you may have.

Two key points:
1. We offer two types of player stats, web based and server based:
- Web based track various player stats in a daily, weekly, monthly and all-time format. You can access the web-based stats via the STATS tab at the top our home and forum pages (will be added soon), or via this link:
2. Server-based stats are shown as messages in the game server, and flash all-time leaders for various categories.

We hope you enjoy the new player stats, and we once again recommend that you read the 3 stickies included in this section. Try to read these 3 stickies in this order:

1. Web-based player stats.
2. Your account & avatar for Web-based player stats.
3. Server-based player stats.

We hope you all enjoy our new player stats. Good luck in chasing the top awards!
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