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[SC]Clan (Sabriests Code) Gameserver: A new cycle every month!
Feb 13, 2012 10:06 AM
Joined: Dec 22, 2007
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[SC] Clan has been active in SOF2 since almost the release of the game. We constantly try to innovate and bring newness to SOF2.

Our clan runs a different map cycle every month, with up to 17 maps/gametypes and many things which are exclusive to our server.

Here are a few things which are exclusive to [SC] and are currently running at the moment:

New gametypes:

- New SAB (sabotage) gametype. Object is for each team to try to get the bomb (the case), and plant it at the bomb site. There are 2 bomb sites (1 objective per team) and 1 bomb. Once planted, defend the site until the bomb explodes. The case is always in play and and not dependent on only 1 team trying to plant while another defends. Each team has to try and plant the bomb. Red team brings the bomb to the blue flagged bomb site, and blue to the red flagged site. You can kill someone carrying the bomb, and you can retrieve it in order to plant. First team to reach 5 wins.
The new gametype runs two times in the cycle.

- New TFT (team freeze tag) gametype. An extremely fun and fast gametype and also new to SOF2. Both teams try to shoot/stab/frag the opposing team members and freeze them for 20 seconds. You gain points as you freeze opponents. You gain more points if you freeze all the opponents and win a round. You can unfreeze your own teammates by touching them with your knife or ak stab. First team to reach 400 wins. The new gametype runs two times in the cycle.
If you played this gametype in Quake, you will love it in SOF2!

- Domination. Running exclusively in our server for over a year. Object is to convert multiple flags, placed throughout the map, to your teams color by crouching next to them. When you dominate the other team (turn all flags to your color), your teams point total accelerates.

New weapons:

New AIRSTRIKE weapon. Use this special weapon to send a flare into the sky to mark your position, and your air-support will deliver a devastating airstrike to the area a short time later.

Kill streak reward system:

As your kill-streak grows, you can unlock the following:

Kills - Reward:
5 - RPG
7 - MM1
9 - Full Health / Armor
11 - AirStrike
13 - Full Ammo

If you love SOF2, but want a balance of old school and new come visit our server, [SC]Clanserver, at ip:

You can always visit us at our website at
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Feb 13, 2012 10:08 AM
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Here is the new mapcycle for mid February through end March:

Here is a summary of whats new:

- A new map has been added to the cycle for the SAB Sabotage gametype. This map is Shop8 with some modifications. The M4 scope will be disabled for this map. This map will replace the modded RMG map running SAB last month, which some players said they experienced lag. SAB will continue to have two maps in the monthly rotation.

- A second map has been added to the new TFT (team freeze tag) gametype, increasing this gametype to two maps in the rotation. The map will be PRA6, but modded to close part of this big map off which will make for better TFT gameplay. We have also made some tweaks to the gameplay which include:

* Increased (higher) score limit.
* More award points for freezing the entire enemy team.
* Fixed the warning message when a player is the last alive on his/her team.

- Added the HK4 CTF map into the cycle. It is a map last run a few years ago and was fast and fun. Flags are placed close to each other, but this map has loads of balaconies and floor levels.

- A new DM map has been added replacing PRA6. We have brought back Prison and the scorelimit is set at 50.

- The new extra weapons reward system has been modified since the launch the previous month. Here are the new kill-streak levels and comments about changes:

Kills - Reward:
5 - RPG
7 - MM1
9 - Full Health / Armor
11 - AirStrike
13 - Full Ammo

The mapcycle is as follows:

2. INF Shop
3. CTF HK1
4. SAB Shop8 (M4 scope disabled)
5. DM Hos1
6. CTF Finca
7. INF Raven
8. TFT Pra1
9. CTF Shop
10. INF HK1
11. CTF Shop4
12. DM Prison (score 50)
13. SAB Raven
14. CTF HK4
15. INF Finca
16. CTF Col1
17. DOM Pra1

The new gametypes (SAB & TFT) have proven highly popular, as well as the extra weapons reward system.

[SC] clan continues to lead and deliver new and exciting gameplay to SOF2

Mar 31, 2012 11:00 AM
Joined: Dec 22, 2007
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Our new mapcycle is up and running, and here is the new cycle and what's new for the cycle end march through end April:

Here is the new core mapcycle.
mp_hk1 - CTF
mp_shop - CTF
mp_hos1 - DM
mp_finca - INF
mp_kam2 - CTF
mp_raven - CTF
mp_pra1 - GG*
mp_shop - INF
mp_finca - CTF
mp_hk1 - INF
mp_shop - GG*
shop4 - CTF
mp_col1 - CTF
mp_raven - INF

* Denotes a new gametype exclusive to the [SC]Clanserver.

We have also added 2 new maps to the random list. Kam4 CTF and Kam5 Elim.

The random maps available for voting are:
mp_pra1 - DOM
mp_shop - DOM
mp_finca - TFT
mp_pra1 - TFT
mp_raven - SAB
kam5 - elim
mp_hk1 - DM
mp_pra1 - CTF
mp_hos1 - CTF
air3 - CTF
kam2 - CTF
hk4 - CTF
liner1 - CTF
finca1 - CTF
col7 - CTF
kam4 - CTF

We are running 30+ maps for this new cycle. This includes the "core" maps, or all time favorite maps and gametypes along with 2 maps dedicated to our new gametype GUNS. We have another 17 maps named random, which include both other classic gametypes such as Team Death match and Elimination as well as other exclusive gametypes such as Team Freeze Tag, Sabotage and Domination.

We have also initiated a unique map voting system for the players in our server. At the end of each map, players can choose to play a "core" map or a "random" map, allowing players to have the most flexible and popular choices of what to play in our server.

Here is a description of our new gametype Guns Games (GUNS):

The object of the game is for each individual player to make at least one kill per different gun. As you make a kill with one gun type, you are given the next gun type. The one who cycles up and makes a kill with every weapon is the winner.
Teams: None. Individual scoring.
Individual Scoring: Individuals earn 1 points for killing other players. These points count in the overall awards table at the end of the game.
Timelimit: 30 minutes.
Maps: Core.
Other: None.
- There are 12 different guntypes in the game that you must make 1 kill with.
- When you die, you move backwards 1 weapon.

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