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Looking for players to join as regulars in RustGR!
Sep 30, 2019 11:05 PM
Joined: May 18, 2019
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Hello! We are looking for regulars to play in RustGR, a PvP server for friendly players!

This is your chance to enroll in a decent server! With YOUR help, we are going to build a big community around this stable concept.

The server is being managed by 1 admin [John Varoufakis] & 1 moderator, both non - playing but helpful. 1 free Airstrike for every player who logs, rest are paid (metal fragments). 23 + plugins which are regularly tested and enhanced for a guaranteed gaming experience. Loot is greatly enhanced, but balanced. Checking the /info panel when logging is highly advised.

There are NO VIP's in the server. No rules (no cheats). Big bases found in-game are raidable, if you can handle the pressure. SAM missiles will fire at helicopters and NPC's, so plan your traps accordingly. Weapons can be found around, however higher tier ones are more challenging to get. Recently, the airport and the satellite dish have been occupied by zombies, so take your guns with you when venturing over there.

The server is hosted in Netherlands, a dedicated setup ensuring vivid gameplay and low latency at all times.


Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2690 v2
256GB DDR3 1600MHz
2 x 400 GB SSD

Gather your loot, Build a strong base and Slay your enemies unrelentlessly! No doubt they will do the same to you when you log out!

Server wipes once every two weeks, but always on Monday. Next wipe on 11th October.

List of high - impact plugins

| No Blueprints | No Workbench | Airdrops | Airstrikes | B-grade | Autofuel | Instantcraft | Quicksmelt | Deathnotes | Botspawn | Deathnotes | Inbound | NTeleportation | Player Rankings | Rust IO | Serverinfo | Skip Night | Stack Size Controller | Better Loot | Better Chat |

Discord -

How to connect
1 - Open up Rust.exe
2 - Hit "F1" on your keyboard.
3 - A new window will appear on your screen. Use the command shown below (you can copy - paste it).

Our server is hosting an ACCOUNT GIVEAWAY!

Player with the most hours played between [1/10 - 1/12] in our server will win a full steam account with Rust & CSGO Prime. For more information, check /info in-game.
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