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Looking for some cool people to populate my server!
Nov 08, 2018 4:49 AM
Joined: Mar 02, 2015
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Ladies and Gentleman, for your consideration.

69, Dudes! (zoom-able map found here![url= )] )

69 Player Max ..for now.

Because of low player count wiping will occur monthly.

Animals/AI should now be active. My bad! Please let me know if the issue arises again.

Standard Vanilla Server with Procedural Map

Server reset every 24 hrs at 5AM EST

Will expand player count if enough people start playing!

ADMIN Name-GameADayGamer = Only Admin. I play it legit, I don't give anyone, including myself, items or anything else that takes away from the game. You can currently find me making scavenger runs for scrap and other goodies.

Trying to make a chill place for the more mature player who remember 80's and 90's references like "69 Dudes!" and want to make like minded friends and enemies.

The (hopefully) secondary utilization for this server will be the possibility of populating my channel with some Rust videos perhaps and raid videos (if I can ever get my spectate to actually work).

Thanks for looking and hopefully see you out in the wild!