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Northern Star Network(NSN) Server #1 & #2
May 11, 2018 2:09 PM
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Hi guys, Northern Star Network or NSN for short is a community that was formed for people to meet new friends and have fun playing games they enjoyed. Everyone at Northern Star Network has met each other through one of our Game Servers or another game server with the idea of wanting to set up our own. We currently have 3 servers up and running for games which include, ArmA3 and Rust. We plan to open more servers for other games but without the player base we feel it is unnecessary to expand where there is no demand.
Here is a list of our servers:

Our Arma3 Server:
[EU/NA] Northern Star RP | Altis Life | 500k Start | Custom File

Our Rust Servers:
NSN|RUST #1|4xGather|Clans|Lusty|Bank|Trade|Wiped 12.05.18

NSN|RUST #2|4xGather|Clans|Lusty|Bank|Trade|Wiped 12.05.18

Currently Used Websites:


Rust: Currently no website required (Can change if needed at a later date)
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