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Elevators! Just Wiped! Bumfuzzler Modtopia!
Apr 19, 2018 8:42 PM
Joined: Dec 03, 2007
Posts: 86
Beautifully balanced 150+ top notch plugins installed, unique game play systems and events, friendly atmosphere and quality admins!

* Elevators up to 10 floors!
* Home of Trump Tower & Hillary House! Find them & get access to speciality kits!
* Events like raiding the North Pole, crashing Saint Patrick's Pub, the Bunny Ranch!
* Loyalty points automatically gives you access to 3 levels of new plugins and kits!
* Full control over your default skins! Change them any time!
* Player Challenge Leaderboards give you access to additional kits!
* Soldiers, scientists and average joes guard the map's monuments!
* Create secure drawbridges to keep the vermin out!
* Terminals control searchlights, turrets and security cameras!
* Special/Rare items give higher damage, dodging ability and more!
* Create your own raft or viking boat and sail the Rusty seas!
* Ride Horses and drive cars with other friends or clan mates!
* LOOT x5, InstaCRAFT, InstaSMELT, GATHER Zlevels!
* Unique mods like proximity scanner, lock-on rockets, Plane Crash, Refueling Heli, more!
* Relax and build! Wipes take place on 1st & 3rd Thursday of every month!
* Active, helpful admins who don't abuse powers & an awesome community!

Our goal is to make the server about the Bumfuzzlers who play here. You'll find that we not only listen to feedback and suggestions, but make very quick changes based on the feedback we receieve. We truly appreciate our Bumfuzzlers and want to make sure they have a great time! Play here and notice the difference.

We sincerely hope you enjoy playing on Bumfuzzler Modtopia.

Your Bumfuzzlery admin,