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Let's Get Rusty! - Oceanic - Vanilla - Monthly Wipes
Aug 09, 2017 8:57 PM
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My clan, irl friends and myself were all Aust 2 official server players. As some of you may know Aust 2 has gone to shit courtesy of a giant influx of hackers and such. We spent some time trying to find a decent Oceanic community server that had active admins and wiped monthly however after a while of not finding one we opted to go with Rustralasia [Fortnightly] due to their monthly server being broken and dead (confirmed with admin). Now they run a fantastic set of servers over there however we were after a monthly wipe and fortnightly just wasn't cutting it for us.

With that in-mind we've started "Let's Get Rusty", an Oceanic vanilla rust server based in Queensland. We have active admins that have years of experience admining servers. The server wipes monthly (usually the first Friday of each month with the officials). We have a Discord server setup for everyone to use and we're more than happy to add locked channels for clans.Also we will be hosting monthly in-game competitions with steam gift cards and in-game items as prizes. We have started setting up some interesting places to hold our competitions around the server (for example our arena - Our goal is to get a decent community of regulars on and having an awesome time. There is even talk of starting a youtube channel so we can make raid cam and competition videos so you have epic videos to remember your conquests and victories.

I realize that it is a big request to ask you guys to get involved when there are so many servers out there. However I promise that you won't regret it if you do give us that chance. Help us get this server populated and we will keep pumping out quality content, competitions and more. If you're interested in joining you can find our server under the community servers in-game (or by typing "connect" into console). You can join our discord by going to (it's linked directly to our discord).

Thanks for taking the time to read through this and hopefully I'll see you on the server soon.


Our first competition has been posted!!!

For all the details check out our comp poster:

We're really looking forward to hosting this comp and we think it's going to be hilarious and awesome!

Looking forward to seeing everyone who competes brutally slaughter each other!

Additionally we will be filming it and making an awesome video!

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