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[REV]Revenant Gaming Recruiting Leaders
Mar 21, 2014 1:15 PM
Joined: Dec 08, 2008
Posts: 19

Revenant is currently looking for players to help form a RO2 division in Revenant Gaming. Players should have at least some background in leading a group of players.

Revenant is a multi-game / multi-platform gaming community. Old Community, starting from scratch. We are looking for all players who fit our same gaming philosophy.

What is our Gaming Philosophy? Revenant plays on a Casual-Hardcore scale. Meaning, sometimes were just casual, sometimes were hardcore. Confused yet? Revenant believes that everyone should be in control of their own time. We are all gamers, most with families, full-time jobs, kids, or other activities that fill up our time. So when we have time for gaming, we want to game how we want. So some gamers will be more of a casual play-style, some will go full hardcore. But we leave it up to the individual player.

What about squads, raids, clan matches? This will depend on the game, and the players playing each game. If everyone in a division decides they want just a casual experience, the game is played as that. If down the road, some players want to go full throttle on some new content. That is perfectly fine. But the main idea is we are a community of gamers.

Perks include:
* Established Community - Revenant has been around since 2011 and holds leadership dating back to Everquest, Counter Strike Beta, and more.
* Professional Forum Software - We use Xenforo as a backend to our site. Xenforo has many features that can benefit you and your team. We also give appropriate permissions to all Leaders/Officers so they watch and moderate their forums. We also do our best to accommodate you with any forums you want, that we might not already have.
* Voice Chat - Revenant uses the latest version of Teamspeak. Each leader get's admin permissions to help add new users and control existing members.
* Game Servers - Revenant tries to provide servers to all established divisions, this comes to no cost to the members.
* Qualified Domain - Revenant can provide a domain to help recruit users to your division.
* Revenant Email - Want a Revenant Email? All Leaders can choose a [email=""][/email] email.


Mature Community - 18+ is recommended
Organized Leadership - Must be able to communicate with other leaders.
Able to communicate - Via Forums, Chat software, or VOIP Server.
The love of Gaming! - Don't care when you started gaming, just want users who have a passion for gaming.

We work with you - We want your division to do great, so we will work with leaders to provide the resources they need to do great. Want Revenant Dog Tags? We'll work on getting them to you, Want uniforms? We'll work on getting them to you. We are also looking for administration staff to help run the site.

All interested parties can message me on:

skype: rivac0m
or PM on Revenant Gaming -