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29th Infantry Division RO2 Community Cup
Feb 24, 2015 7:24 PM
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29th ID Community Cup: RO2 Search and Destroy

The 29th ID has run a variety of tournaments internally since it's inception. Now comes the first tournament that is solely created for the RO2/RS community. This tournament is aiming to help satisfy the lack of competition that is currently felt in the community. We are also aiming to bring some love to a often forgotten but still very fun and competitively viable gametype: Search & Destroy.

Tournament Setup:
The 29th ID Community Cup will be a single elimination tournament. The philosophy we have adopted going into this is to have small scale tournaments with multiple iterations. This allows teams to get more action and the tournaments to have different focus to spice things up.

Matches will be played 8v8 on the maps SD-Warehouse, SD-Demyansk and SD-FactoryPlateMill. Each match will be played on only one of the above three maps. It will be predetermined which map this will be depending the match in question. The final match will be a best of three over all three maps. The matches will be played in dedicated tournament servers (see below). Matches played outside of these servers will not be recognized.

Squads within the 29th as well as clans are free to sign up. Should a clan be able to field two or more teams this is allowed and encouraged. The requirements here are that each sub-team has at least 8 members, that there is no one member in several sub-teams at the same time, and that a member can not transfer from one sub-team to another.

Should a community clan team win they will receive RO2/RS private server for six months, free of charge and courtesy of the 29th ID!

Tournament Rules:
All the necessary information will be available over at our forums:

Team Signup:
If you are the team leader of your team and wish to sign up for this tournament, please go over to our forums and read the dedicated thread:

Once the team leaders application has been processed a thread will be created by an admin in the dedicated board of our forums that will act as the teams official roster. The teams name and contact info as well as the names and links to the steam profiles of every member of the team will be stored therein. These threads will be maintained by a tournament admin to make sure the information stays up to date. Only members (and their respective steam profile links) listed in these threads are eligible to play.

You will be allowed to make member additions to your roster after the tournament has begun. Once again there will be a dedicated forum thread made for this over at our forums:

Note that the new member is not eligible to play until the teams thread has been updated!

Best of 12 rounds, Switch teams after 6 rounds
1 tiebreaker round if needed, no teamswitch

Weapon restrictions:
Squad Leader: 2
Machine Gunner: 1
Elite Rifleman: 1
Remaining Rifleman

This means no snipers, no engineers, no elite assaults, no anything beyond what is listed above.

Game Mode: Realism
Periphery whips: None
ShutUp Mutator to prevent character idle chatter from giving away your position.
Bomb Explosion Time: 60 seconds
Round Time Limit: Map Default

Signup Period:
Signup is open until March 18th.
The brackets will go up on our forums on the 22nd, and matches can be played starting from the 23rd of March and forward. How long the tournament will run is depending on the number of teams that sign up, so this will be announced later.

Looking forward to seeing the community join in for some SnD action!

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