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2nd Marine Raider Battalion Official Recruitment Thread
Nov 30, 2014 8:30 AM
Joined: Nov 28, 2014
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The 2ND Marine Raiders Battalion 2ND[MRB]
Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2
An accurate description of who we are, and how we do things would be as follows.
We are really a group of Casual players, We are not a Strict Yes Sir No Sir type of group. Our Motto taken from the real 2ND Marines Raiders Battalion Is Gung Ho. It means Work Together. It is without question our operating procedure. We practice this each and every time we are in game.
What we are looking for to fill our Ranks at this time 6-8 new members
Some one who can commit to 3-4 hours a week on our server.
Have Team Speak 3 a working Mic. And be able to Communicate for Squad functions
Be willing to Represent the group in a Mature Manner at all times.
Be willing to Follow or lead depending on the Situation.
Be active on our Forums, A Dead forum is a Dead group
And Most Importantly Remember Working Together with your teammates , On Comms. In game, It is the Highest level of Immersion you can ever get in a Game.
If you find your self Interested in the 2ND Please join us on our Server, ask any member of the 2ND[MRB]
Take a look at our Forums
Here is a Link to our Steam Group
To clear up any confusion about the 2ND[MRB] I am the Guy who pays the Bills, I provide Team Speak, I pay for our Server, and the Forums. Along with my very good friends we invite you to check us out. Remember It's just A Game, Your Not Dead, No matter it will be OK...
FC 2ND[MRB] NCOIC 2ND Marine Raiders Battalion