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Team Fortress 2 Update Released
Source Engine Changes (CS:S, DoD:S, TF2, HL2:DM)
Fixed a client crash during demo playback
Fixed a SourceTV crash
Dedicated servers can now have both SourceTV and Replay enabled at once
"replay [config file]" and "+tv_enable 1" should be used to launch the server

Team Fortress 2
Added TF birthday replacement models for health kits and ammo packs
Added TF birthday Party Hat and Noisemaker
Fixed The Short Circuit attacking friendly projectiles
Fixed The Short Circuit being hidden when the Engineer taunts
Fixed an infinite crits exploit using The Diamondback
Fixed The Widowmaker not returning the correct amount of ammo when multiple targets are hit
Fixed supply closets regenerating players while they are taunting
Fixed the Select Style UI text overlapping the image of the model
Fixed the sunbeams hat effect
Updated the localization files
Updated the gamehaptics file:
Added draw/recoil forces for The Widowmaker, The Short Circuit, The Diamondback, and The Machina
Added crit fire force for The Widowmaker and The Diamondback
Refined reload force for Flare Gun/Detonator
Bot changes:
Fixed crash with Demomanbots trying to detonate stickybombs that had already been destroyed
Added tf_bot_kill console command (syntax identical to tf_bot_kick)
Bots obey melee only mode a bit better
Added func_nav_avoid to allow map creators control over where bots "like" to go
Fixed issue with Demoman bot reloading between each stickybomb he fired, causing him to be very slow at setting traps/destroying sentries
Bots never taunt if carrying the flag now
Aiming logic for Huntsman sniper bots
Sniper bots prioritize enemy snipers more aggressively, as well as enemy engineers now
Improved Demoman bot sentry gun sticky bombing
Bots will no longer try to use health entities assigned to the enemy team
Added simplistic behaviors for Chargin' Targe, and various consumables (Bonk drink, sandvich, etc)
Medicbots stay a bit closer to their patient now
Sniperbots go after very nearby enemies with their melee weapon now
Added func_tfbot_hint entity to allow map creators to tell sniper bots good places to lurk
Sniperbots opportunistically fire on viable targets they encounter while on the way to their desired lurking spot
Spybots are more aggressive about backstabbing an engineer before sapping his nest now
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