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Counter-Strike: Source - Beta Update Released
Updates to Counter-Strike: Source Beta have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

Counter-Strike: Source Beta
Made weapon accuracy changes in response to community feedback.
Fixed firing of "stale" burst mode bullets on glock and famas.
Re-enabled the ability for max grenades to be set from server convars
Fixed code to allow observing other players when mp_fadetoblack is enabled and mp_forcecamera is something other than OBS_ALLOW_NONE
Fixed round ending when timer runs out and mp_ignore_round_win_conditions is set
Fixed pistols continuously spamming weapon_fire event when the +attack key is pressed. (This has the side effect of no longer allowing the glock to continuously auto-fire in burst mode). All weapons no longer spam weapon_reload when the reload key is pressed.
Added defuser icons to CTs on the scoreboard; these are analogous to the bomb icons for Ts in that they only are visible for team members and spectators.
Made scoreboard more robust with user modified layout changes. Defuser, bomb, and VIP icons are now colored by team color convar.
Updated player max speed cap so that it no longer limits players to 240 movement speed.
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