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Minicraft Information
Minicraft is a semi-vanilla Minecraft server. It does use Bukkit and a few plugins, but this is to enhance game-play and stop mindless griefing. As many of you Minecraft players know, griefing is not a rare occurrence in Minecraft. The server runs on a fair bit of RAM, I'd say enough to hold around 30 users happily, so hopefully you should have an almost lag-free game-play session whilst on Minicraft.

Because Minicraft is a brand new server, we do need to invite players to be "builders", these players will be granted creative mode on request to assist with building new areas for the server, they're not Minicraft moderators and are not immune to the ban hammer if they choose to use their newly found powers for evil.

Griefing is bad!
The server opened for a lag test, during this test the majority of players who joined decided to grief. It's a shame that this is what Minecraft players do when given the opportunity, but we must fight these griefers with plugins, which sucks because without plugins the server would be that much faster for players. Griefing is forbidden on this server, as it is on many others. The punishment for griefing is a ban, there's not a big gap for appeal either. We trust any and all players by not white-listing the server. Betray that trust, and you're gone.

Forum Rules
Many of the rules should be obvious, even to the likes of a 10 year old, some may not be listed and our moderators have the right to enforce a rule not stated here, provided they have grounds to do so and the user they're dealing with is clearly violating something which is common decency.

Racism is forbidden, why would you want to.
Swearing is acceptable, but in small doses.
Your forum name MUST be the same as your Minecraft name.
Creating multiple accounts is forbidden, unless it's your sibling or family member.
Respect everyone. Everyone deserves respect, including you.
Spamming is forbidden, I admit, it's annoying.

Thank-you for reading, I look forward to seeing you in-game.

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