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Tesseract (Recruitement) [French minecraft RP server][QC/BE/FR]
Jul 19, 2020 12:05 PM
Joined: Jun 08, 2020
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Hi, the french minecraft server Tesseract is looking for builder on the creative server open to french people or canadian. We are a team dedicated to build for an RP minecraft server on our network, the gamemode is a towny like mode but custom one created by us. We are developing an aventure part of the server with a big flying island chunk to make quest and dungeon, the first region is already build but other are waiting to be build as different zone mean different quest. Feel free to contact us on discord or join us on our minecraft elytre RP Créatif website. We are a friendly team that love to develop the server and make unique gamemode like using elytre for moving between the flying island of the server with the connexion IP :
Via the server you can find all the construction that the player and our member made. We also have a page in PlanetMinecraft where you can see some of our build. Of course there is still plenty that is not showed here.
For other staff position, we are also welcomed where we will search for what you like to do and maybe find something that can help the minecraft server of Tesseract.
If you need some help to see what the server is about you can check and read it via the website where we give information about it in different page.
Have a great day !