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*Unique new server needs friendly & dedicated staff*
Sep 06, 2016 7:50 AM
Joined: Sep 05, 2016
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Hello my name is Ryan56k, and I have created a server that is based around an idea that I have yet to see on any other server. I have been playing minecraft for roughly 6 years and have been running and creating my own servers since I began. I have created around 5 servers and have gained a ton of knowledge on how to run a server and create one. From experience with setting up servers, I will need a strong, passionate, and devoted staff that works as a team. I am a very passionate and hard working person who likes to be number one and that is what I intend this server to be. I have the funds to keep this server up and running for a long time provided the traffic and staff are active.

Let's talk about the server:

The idea for this server comes from a combination of things, mainly Sword Art Online (anime) and Diablo (PC game). With this server I aim to bring people together and create more player interaction. One thing I dislike about minecraft and most other servers is that people become self sufficient and disappear, this is how a server dies out. This server is not a jailbreak, factions, or a mini game server it is an MMORPG server. I have created a unique profession based system that requires players to actively trade and hunt. The server is comprised of multiple "floors". Each floor has a dungeon that must be cleared in order to advance to the next. Mobs and bosses drop unique items that most of the time need to be identified by a tome. Players can own shops, houses and guild halls! Quests are available to the players so they keep interest in the server and move forward. There is much more depth to this server than many others that are cut and paste.

If this is a server you want to be a part of and help create a community and wondrous things that others will experience and love then please submit an application.The IP will be given if your application is accepted. I am typically on early in the mornings and I do work full time so be patient while I respond to your application. An appointment to meet on skype may need to be set up as my schedule is chaotic with work.

What Is Expected of all staff:

- Must have Skype, but calling is not required. ( May integrate teamspeak later on)
- Calm, polite, collected
- Willing to help players
- Actively on server
- Chat moderation, you will be provided with a list of chat rules after being accepted
- Knowledge of the server's features (Obviously, will be learned, not instant knowledge)

What Is specifically expected of a Moderator:

- Able to defuse arguments and intense situations calmly.
- Able to enforce non-chat rules well, not always resorting to a ban.

What is expected of a Builder:

- The ability to use WorldEdit well
- Be able to create exceptional builds
- Must be able to take criticism well
- Must be able to work as a team
- Ability to create challenging and unique puzzles

Applications do not necessarily have to be in the format on this page, as long as it contains all of the information required. Age will be taken into account however it will not disqualify you. If you prefer to PM me your application you are welcome to do so.


Maturity [1/10]:
Why do you want to be a Moderator:
Previous experience ( server IP ):

Maturity [1/10]:
Why do you want to be Builder:
Previous Builds [Videos and/or Pictures]:
Sep 12, 2016 6:55 AM
Joined: Sep 05, 2016
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Still looking for fun, friendly, and dedicated staff! Feel free to respond!
Sep 25, 2016 9:08 AM
Joined: Sep 05, 2016
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Don't like dealing with all the questions and just want to let your creativity flow? We would love some more builders! Post here or message me!