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>>>SaicaMC<<< In Development Medieval RPG Server needs >Builders< >Helpers< >Developers< and >Lore-Writers<
Apr 17, 2016 11:06 AM
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About the Server:

SaicaMC is a BRAND NEW Medieval fantasy RPG server on Minecraft. We have all the plans set out for the early stages of our server! Currently we have the capital city of Forthwind. Forthwind's lore is currently underway and is expected to be pretty long! what a read. Anyways, We have 5 general classes and each class/race has their own city dedicated to them. Yes, there will be travel between each city. For now we are looking to have about 5 to 7 cities and if the server takes off we will certainly add more! Our server is for adventure, so there wont be much fast travel except to some dungeons and on occasion if someone has a one use legendary trinket. In our server we have Mythical, Rare, Legendary, and Common items that can be obtained from our Dungeons that are different then what you've ever seen! Our dungeons arent just fighting mobs, they are ran completely by 1 to who knows how many command blocks. They are pretty awesome! The dungeons entrances are either public (out in the open, easy to get into) These give the smallest amount of loot. Hidden dungeons or mystery dungeons take some puzzle solving skills and locating the hidden entrances to get into. These are harder dungeons but give more loot! We will have clans (hopefully) so people can pair up when doing dungeons. Our server has so much more planned for the future and we need you! Our server also is going to include magic and spells along with our many trinkets, aswell as a currency!

What we are hoping to achieve:

We are hoping to achieve our goal of completing and releasing the server. Afterwards we really hope to have a thriving player-base as we are putting so much work into the server to make it AMAZING for our (soon to be) players. Our release date is not clear right now, but we project it will be sometime within a month or so.

What we are looking for:

We are currently searching for Developers, Builders, and server testers, Developers job is to assist our owner in coding our plugin for the server using JAVA. Builders are a huge part of our project and we are in need! Builders will be required to be able to take direction and follow orders/tasks when given to them. The Manager of the building project is myself (ChilleryClinton) All orders will be handled by me. We currently have a good deal done on Forthwind city and hope to get to our second city Talsia (Elven home) very soon! We are looking for our staff to be committed, dedicated, and have a great attitude. We hope that if you apply you will stick with the project. After and application is PENDING, a skype interview will be conducted for the second portion. Applications must have some detail and show effort, Server hopping is not acceptable by our community. If you are interested in being a part of our project, apply below.



Minecraft Name:
Why did you choose our project?:
What can you bring to the server besides your building skills?:
If you had to rate your building skill, what would it be?:
What is your best building style?:
Have you ever built/played an RPG server before?:
What makes you stand out from other applicants?:
How active can you be on a weekly basis?:
Do you work well with others?:
Proof of work:
Anything else?:


Minecraft Name:
Why did you choose our project?:
Have you ever written a lore for a fantasy RPG?:
Do you write stories at all?:
How tolerable are you with writing for long periods?:
Why do you want to be a lore writer here?:
How creative are you, if you had to rate yourself?:
Do you enjoy fantasy and can come up with stories/lore off the bat?:
Links to work?:
Anything else?:


Minecraft Name:
Why did you choose our project?:
Do you understand Developer WILL NOT be a paid position (for now)?:
JAVAis used, do you understand JAVA?:
Any public plugins?:
If not, Proof of work?:
How long have you been developing?:
What is your best "field" Simple or complex?:
(Most of the applications will be over SKYPE)
Anything else?:



Minecraft Name:



Why do you want to be helper on our server?:

How many hours a week can you contribute to the sevrer?:

What makes you an ample choice for helper?

What can you offer the server in terms of personality?:

How would the community benefit off of you getting this position?:

Define being a "Helper" on our community:

All staff start out as helpers (If applying here) do you understand this?:

Why did you decide to click on our post?:

What makes you like Medieval RPG?:

Tell us about yourself:

Previous experience?:

Anything else relevant to the application?: