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TATF Towny Minecraft Server
Jun 21, 2020 3:53 AM
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TATF Survival Minecraft Server

What does our server offer?

- New Spawn with world crossing portals
- Reworked economy which is always improving
- Survival with some of the best plugins and always adding more
- Amazing MC staff always happy to help with any problems or issues
- Always looking for new and amazing staff
- Suggestions/ideas

What plugins our server currently uses:

1. Advanced Portals
2. Armourstandeditor
3. AuctionHouse
4. BetterRTP
5. CoreProtect
6. DiscordSRV Build
7. EssentialsX
8. Harbor
9. HeadsPluginAPI
10. HolographicDisplays
11. ID Libary
12. LockettePro
13. LuckPerms
14. mcMMO
15. Modern LWC
16. Multiverse Core
17. ProtocolLib
18. Vault
19. Worldedit
20. Worldguard

TATF Discord Server Info:

- Regularly monitored by a fantastic staff team.
- Open to everyone
- Has an Awesome looking spawn for you to explore.
- 13,000 member discord that is very active both in minecraft and other games

We hope you join us and have a great time!

Server ip and port:


TATF is a discord community which does events and giveaways on different games for example: Planetside 2, Minecraft, Star Citizen and more. We are always looking for new and active members to join our friendly community.
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Jul 14, 2021 7:32 AM
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