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PLEXUSMC 🔹 1.16.3 🙌 Developers 🧠 Designers 🎨 Marketing 🎯
Oct 19, 2020 7:54 AM
Joined: Jan 04, 2020
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Please read bellow (Image can not be clicked Discord further down)


Join our discord and open up a ticket!


How to open a ticket:

  1. Locate to bot-commands text channel
  2. Type command '-open (reason)' example: -open Moderator Application
  3. Please be patient and a staff member will be with you as soon as possible there they will direct you on what steps you will be needing to take next.


Q: What is the IP for PlexusMC?

Q: What version is PlexusMC?
A: 1.16.2

Q: Current Owner
A: SirBruce

Q: Where are we hosted?
A: Europe, Though most of our playerbase is based in the US

Q: Why should I do my work here
A: At Plexus, we value the players, if you have been mistreated working on other servers, or feel like you haven't been valued as a staff member, this will be a perfect change for you. We understand that people are great at what they do and the upper management allows for staff members to have the freedom in how they need to do things. The managers are also given the freedom to run the team how they want.

Q: Do you pay your staff
A: No, though you won't feel like we don't value your work. This server is based on months and months of volunteer work. This server's design isn't about making a profit, if this was the typical server based on pay-to-win then we can pay as many people as we want as much as they ask. Though that just isn't possible with server that isn't designed to make a profit like a business, but designed to bring people together just to have fun. If the server was generating a revenue then paying the staff is a no-brainer, there are some people here how have put in hundreds of hours of work into the server, which have done it purely based on the reaching the mutual goal of building a server designed for the players to have fun