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PlexusMC [SMP] [ALPHA 5.2] {Veteran Alpha Joiners} {Custom Bosses/Items}
May 15, 2020 2:06 PM
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From a MINECRAFT Galaxy FAR FAR AWAY! I'm only joking we are an Australian Owned server   hosting from Europe Germany.

1Gb Upload and Download
2ms Ping to Germany Datacenter
i7 6700k
32GB DDr4 ram
4x500GB SSD in Raid 10

PlexusMC team will bring back the old feeling of Minecraft, the
survival aspect where the player decides how they want to run the game.
The players can choose how they progress and come up with their own
strategies to gain new and unique items and achievements.The game will
also have a hidden lore behind it to be dug out and span over multiple
servers within the network.The Hidden Lore can be solved though the
custom bosses and unique Items that Plexus has to offer.


•  Bosses
•  Achievements
•  Anti-Drop of high loot
•  AFK
•  Auctions
•  Withdraw
•  Crates
•  Death Chests
•  Death Messages
•  GUI Menus
•  Tags
•  Elevators
•  Custom Tags (Veteran Tag on Alpha Joiners)
•  Custom Names and Lores
•  Stack-able Spawners
•  Flat Bedrock
•  Inventory Full Notice
•  Show your items in chat
•  Jobs
•  Towny (Land Claiming) Custom GUI
•  Mentioning Players (Chat)
•  Vaults
•  Shop GUI Menu
•  No Grief (No TNT land affects)
•  Trading
•  Timber (Cut Trees with one break)
•  Resource Word and Custom Terrain Build World


“ Well made survival, that's easy going and a nice level of progression. Plexus will span to multiple servers with OP Skyblock being the next one. Survival is in alpha, just about to release for beta. What sets this server apart is there is a hidden lore that will span over multiple servers, and has already been implemented into the survival server. There are boss fights that go with the lore and a large amount of things that will require multiple people to find out and crack down on what the story is about “

MrFlacko (Owner)

“ Plexus used to be a server called, "Galactic Kingdoms''. It was a pretty cool server and after some time they had a couple of problems so the owner was changed and the new owner founded the idea of Plexus and then he had a couple of problems that I don't quite know about. So after that the server owner was changed and the new owner of Plexus became MrFlacko. Flacko made the server real good and made everything really well
organized and generally really good. The goal of Plexus was to provide the actual survival experience and that feel that you are playing survival with a bit of backstory to it which you have to find out yourself and figure out some stuff to reveal different aspects of the story. But now we realized that we have added quite a few plugins and the server is becoming more of an economy-based survival server. So we are sticking to that feel and adding stuff like mmo items, custom bossesand stuff. But Plexus still has the hidden backstory to it that you have to find out and figure out yourself and as I said to reveal
different aspects of the story. The staff here are pretty nice and to mewe are like a family. PlexusMC has an open-doors policy too which is quite great and I really love working here. “

Dev.Sheep (Developer)
May 19, 2020 8:04 AM
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Sorry for but which version works this server?
Sep 10, 2020 7:00 AM
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Hi, I would also like to know which version is this server running?