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Smooth Vanilla Survival - Whitelisted - Hermitcraft - SMP
Jul 14, 2020 4:04 PM
Joined: Aug 21, 2015
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Im looking to add more players to my Vanilla tweaked server running 1.16.1

(non game-breaking stuff) only VanillaTweaks data-packs / essential plugins for the server to function as it should & to also make the experience more enjoyable.

Please up vote so i can get my community growing at a faster rate <3

I will post in the comments the full list of plugins / data-packs for you to look at down below.

We provide a friendly & enjoyable experience.

Our server is lag free with dedicated hardware / Hosting.

We run events each week. Creative Building- (Seccond server) / Pvp Events- (Main server)

We have a shopping district which is run through a tax system for plot owners.

We also have Dynmap - Which people find useful.

We are looking for mature / Active players to join us on our whitelisted private hermit craft like server. ( Ideally from UK / EU )

If you are interested please add me on discord so we can talk.

Discord: DylSkiii#5926

We Feature the following Plugins / datapacks.

CoreProtect - Players can do " /co i " to see who has taken items / placed / mined blocks in your area

Dynmap - Easily find a nice area for you to start base.

LuckPerms - We have ranks such as the following [member] / [donator] (Donator is simply a rank which show's you have supported the server. Nothing else since we are not pay to win.

Sleep-Most - Allows players to skip night.

Essentials / EssentialsChat - 99% of commands disabled. Only commands players can use are /msg , /r , /warp (we only have 1 warp which is to spawn. Example /warp spawn.

Other Plugins which i use for server related things.


Anti Creeper Grief

Anti Enderman Grief

Anti Ghast Grief

Double Shulker Shells

Player Head Drops

Mob Head Drops