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HIRING - Professional BungeeCord Network
May 16, 2020 12:28 PM
Joined: May 16, 2020
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Hello everybody,

I have a dedicated server and I have virtualised 64GB RAM (ECC), a bunch of disk and quite some cores.

I have started developing a BungeeCord network, but I need more people to help me with various aspects.
I'm a plugin developer and the network is going to feature some unique game modes with custom plugins. I am not going to reveal all features and game modes here as the server is still private.

My resources include:
Ass-kicking server
A bunch of premium plugins that I have bought before
A set up system of 3 hubs (all 100% complete)
Custom realistic sci-fi survival server (in development)
A very realistic role-play city server (in development)
Current staff:
1 Manager
2 Administrators
1 Helper (Moderator)
6 Architects

I am looking for:
A manager, a developer, builders and architects
You will be paid according to your contribution once the server is public.

If you want to apply or receive more information, let me know by sending me a personal message on Discord (WilliamD#1782) or just join

Feel free to post suggestions about new game modes in the comments below.

I am looking forward to all of you!