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Other Minecraft Updates
Sep 27, 2013 4:34 AM
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The next are two updates

1.0.1 - November 24, 2011

This was a server-only update, 1.0.0 remained the current client version.
Bug fixes

• "Invalid server key" error fixed when attempting to log into servers.
• "Null pointer exception" error fixed when logging into servers.

1.1.0 - January 12, 2012

• Bows are now enchantable, with four new enchantments specific to bows: Power, Punch, Infinity, and Flame.
• Arrows which are on fire now set entities they hit on fire.
• Golden Apple recipe changed to use gold nuggets instead of gold blocks.
o Golden Apples now restore rather than and cause regeneration for 5 seconds rather than 30.
• 56 new language translations, including fictional ones such as Pirate, Klingon, and Quenya.
• Infrastructure for improved mob AI added, allowing for more complicated behavior than before. These behaviors themselves have not been implemented yet.
• Slightly smoothed color transitions between biomes.
o Swamp land and water colors now smoothly transition to other biomes.
• Re-added beaches.
• Taiga biomes now contain snow and ice.
• Decreased randomness of enchantment levels at Enchantment Tables.
• Biomes are slightly more varied, with differing elevations of land in previously flatter biomes.
• Reduced brewing time to 20 seconds from 30.
• Added Spawn Eggs to creative mode.
• Added a world type option (available types: Superflat and Default).
• Removed collision box from ladders.
• Sheep eat grass (converting it to dirt) and Tall Grass to regain their Wool.
o Sheep only drop 1-3 wool per shearing.
• The collision box on Fence Gates now matches that of Fences instead of being square.
• Fence Gates can now be opened and closed with Redstone.
• Oak (default tree) leaves now have a 1/200 chance of dropping Red Apples.
• Blacksmith buildings in NPC Villages now hold chests with loot of the same type as strongholds.
• Void fog removed in creative mode.
• Melons and pumpkins can now grow on dirt, instead of only on farmland.
• New settings in
o level-type
o spawn-npcs
o generate-structures
• Magma Cubes can now drop Magma Cream on death.
• In SMP servers, non-ops are kicked if they spam in chat too much (Ops are not notified of the kick, they must assume that the player was auto-kicked)
• The distance that Wheat attracts friendly mobs has increased from 2-3 blocks to 8-9 blocks.
• All Music discs except for "11" can be dropped from creepers killed by skeletons.
Bug fixes:

• Crash bug in the loading screen for some users
• Possible to fall through a block of Farmland, Soul Sand or Glass when walking over its edge.
• Open fence gates will close randomly or if they receive a block update.
• Note blocks don't make a sound when hit in SMP.
• In the creative mode block screen, if you click on a block that has the same ID but not the same damage value, the block you click with will still gain blocks.
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Dec 06, 2018 5:44 AM
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Hello, there is a new version of Minecraft Bedrock 1.9

Dec 06, 2018 9:29 AM
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Link is in Russian btw