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|DOS| Defenders of Stalingrad Recruiting! KF, COD5, FH2
Dec 16, 2009 5:33 PM
Joined: Aug 04, 2009
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|DOS| Defenders of Stalingrad Recruiting! COD5, KF, FH2

The Defenders of Stalingrad is looking for enthusiastic players to join up and fight the good fight. We are primarily located in North America, but we are willing to accept members from around the world. Our clan is over 6 years old and we have played many games over the years. The clan first became active playing Medal of Honor Spearhead. From there we moved on to Call of Duty United Offensive, Call of Duty 2, and then the Battlefield 1942 mod Forgotten Hope. Other then Forgotten Hope we played all of those games competitively and even ended up in the top 10 ladders on several occasions in TWL and Elite Clan Warfare League.

The current focus of the |DOS| clan is having fun while playing great games. At the present, we are actively playing Call of Duty 5: World at War in TWL. We also play Killing Floor and Forgotten Hope 2 just to have a good time. Fun and competition are our main goals and I think that is why we have lasted the test of time. We are serious about clan matches, but the rest of the time is spent playing games and chatting in Teamspeak. Please check out our website below and feel free to join us in our Public Call of Duty 5 server or Teamspeak at any time.

Official Site:
Call of Duty 5 Server IP:
Teamspeak 3 IP:
Time Zone: Primarily EST and CST

Clan Email:
Clan Leader Xfire: johnkeel105
Recruiter Xfire: jackcrabb123

Joining Requirements:
-- Call of Duty 5, Killing Floor, or Forgotten Hope 2
-- 17 or older
-- TeamSpeak 3 & Microphone
-- Xfire
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