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Killing Floor 100LVL Server ||
Dec 28, 2014 3:35 PM
Joined: Mar 05, 2011
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Killing Floor 100lvl server by WS-GAMING.EU

Hello, I want to invite all of your community to try out WS-Gaming.EU Project servers and especially killing floor server which has 100 max perk level system!
Game is a bit customized for interesting play. We have few new zombies: Jason, Brute, Shiver and some of Doom3 Monsters, so you will be not get bored of play! We have very awesome VIP system, which adds VIP Only weapons, VIP Only player skins, Auto-Parachute, 150 armor boost, Medic and Doom Sentry Bot turrets!

We have more than 50 maps and custom, but very good looking new perk icon textures! New weapons are included too for each perk so come and try out!

Server IP: