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admin abuse
Apr 09, 2018 1:54 AM
Joined: Nov 10, 2015
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i was playing through steam - killing floor
server: onyx | hardcore | insta-lvl 6 | dlc unlocked | custom maps | greylisted
alone on map when i got kicked by an admin popup, then server settings got changed to allow 12 people and suddenly 6 people were in the server and the map was changed to
KF - nightmare in the skatepark
I suspect the admin was [ARG]OY_VEY
since i tried to rejoin on the new map and again once the game started i was again kicked with an admin popup

There was no admin email address "to report the unjust ban" as mentioned in the admin popup.
I traced the server here

The admin playing is making the server a private server and is kicking off anybody that was playing before it gets there and allows a bunch of its friends private access to the the server (that is listed in the Killing Floor server list as public.)

Your assistance is appreciated
Apr 09, 2018 4:21 AM
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Gametracker neither owns nor manages any of the game servers registered on this site.
We are strictly a server tracking site and take no part or interest in the day to day management or game play of servers.

I note that the server in your link does not have a registered owner or contact web site.
There is therefore a very good chance that they do not even know they have been registered here.

I am a community user. I do not reply to private message requests for support.
Hint: I do not accept personal requests for re-ranking or unbanning.
You must use the forums please.

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