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The Honor Squad is recruiting!
Jun 01, 2015 9:59 PM
Joined: Dec 03, 2007
Posts: 86
Name: The Honor Squad
Clan Tag: [ONR]
Location: North America
Games: Battlefield, Call of Duty, Chivalry, Clash of Clans, Counter-Strike, DOTA, and more...
Looking forward to: Star Wars Battlefront, Rainbow Six Seige, Call of Duty: Black Ops III
Platform: PC
Formed: September 2010
Requirements: Must be at least 13 years of age, located in United States or Canada, own a headset


The Honor Squad is an online multi-gaming PC clan based in North America. We're dedicated to creating a fun, friendly environment that fosters long term membership and a family-like atmosphere. Our culture is casual and laid back, but if the team shows interest we get involved in competitions.

We aren't centered around any one game so the games we play change with the interests of our members, although I'd say we do tend to gravitate towards first person shooters most.

We put the highest price on character because we understand putting together a good group of people is the key to longevity and fun. We encourage friends and families to join together to help build our Honor Squad family.

Our team has a simple, straight forward Code of Conduct based around our theme of Honor.

• Family Oriented, friendly atmosphere
• 4 years running, strong membership
• Move up in the ranks and gain honor
• Decorate yourself with Medals and Awards
• Improve your team gaming skills
• No Drama, No Cheats, No Boosts, No Nonsense
• TeamSpeak Server Team Communication
• Interactive Website Discussions and Blogs

The Honor Squad Website:
Join the Honor Squad: