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Honourable Gaming Recruiting
Jul 06, 2017 11:29 AM
Joined: Sep 06, 2014
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Hello, we are Honourable Gaming, and we are a new group looking to take on mature members (age 18 and over only). We are a global-based group, and we are looking to expand our group with as many members as we can. There are no rules when you play with or us, so bring your love for gaming to an online group with like-minded individuals. Any rules we do have, are so that we can protect and cultivate a proper place for you to hang out without all the drama and tension that we, ourselves, have seen some groups have.

The best part? You won't be kicked for inactivity. On a vacation? Cool, share your stories about skiing or being chased by some exotic rodent. Family or work obligations keeping you offline? No worries. You'll be welcomed back with a high-five and smiles. We understand that a lot of people have life commitments like jobs, and family. So, we understand that you cannot always be around. We simply aim to provide a place for people to join when they are available to play. As mentioned, we are a new group made up of close friends, but are looking to be a large group with many different members.

So! Also, you can be a part of Honourable Gaming, while still being part of other groups. If you would like to invite others in? The more the merrier. Our member list spans the globe, so it's likely you'll find someone to chat or game with at nearly any time. We see ourselves more as a community that wants to encourage a welcoming environment to share in our enjoyment of video games and random fun. We are there when you have no one else to play with, and you never know, you may make some really close friends by joining up.

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