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Natural Selection v3.3
Mar 15, 2024 1:14 PM
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Natural Selection v3.3

An updated build of the game Natural Selection for Windows and Linux focused on quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes. For a new custom-built bot for NS, go check out Evobot.

NOTICE: The recent HL 25th aniversary update broke the NS mod. To run NS you need to go to the Steam Library -> Half-Life -> right click -> Properties -> Betas -> steam_legacy, then press "Update" where the play button normally is. This will be necessary until valve releases their HL SDK update and we then manage to fix all of the issues introduced.
The Natural Selection Launcher (Windows) can install, update, or repair the game.

Manual installation (Windows / Linux)

As the game is a Half-Life mod, Steam and Half-Life installations are required to play the game. After installing, restart steam.

A fresh install of NS comes with updated config files containing everything you need to get playing on the standard settings most players prefer. Customization options are built into the advanced options menu, like the Nine Legends competitive UI option. For further customization, team and weapon specific config files are also now available.