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Ban for no reason?
Jun 24, 2014 2:38 PM
Joined: Jun 24, 2014
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Today I was playing half-life 2 dm on "~HL2DM6KILLINGZONE !!~ [no mercy]" when I connected the server there were 2 players playing, HOBBIT and an unwritable name with "RUS" at the end, I've been automaticly put into the combine team, with "HOBBIT", when i saw that the other player was unable to make even one kill i joined him and then HOBBIT started to kick me, everytimes i went in the red team (which was not hobbit's team) he kicked me, i asked him why, again and again and then he banned me. "Removing for causing problems" WHY? WHAT PROBLEMS? (i precised that when i was playing with him, he didn't kicked me)
If there's a rule that say "you can't change team" i would understand but he ignored me everytimes i asked.... Thats why i came here to have an answer
If i'm not in the right part of the forum please tell me
Also I'm sorry for my english (let me know if you don't understand something)
Have a nice day

EDIT: I've been debanned (or unbanned?) that's ok.....
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